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Corporate Teams

Great things are accomplished more often by teams than by a single person. Leaders inspire others to achieve more than they thought was possible. In turn, this is the catalyst by which leaders grow and become more than they ever imagined.

> Is your company looking for a high impact team-building program?

> Are global skills like languages and cross-cultural competence important to your company’s success?

> Do you want to take your company’s social responsibility program to the next level?

> Does your employee volunteer program need an international component?

Maximo Nivel offers customized international community service programs that deliver tangible value to your business while advancing your CSR program. Your team performs together to make a positive impact while working alongside local organizations in Latin America. Corporate teams get involved with projects such as construction, conservation, working with kids, and teaching English. Community service work takes place for up to 4 hours each day, Monday through Friday with the remaining time available for meetings, training, personal activities, and tours. See a list of types of community service work here.

Corporate Teams

Positive Impact

Maximo Nivel’s international community service programs are real—these are small, local social projects and organizations that need help and support. Your team can get involved to make a difference and move these projects toward sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Business Outcomes

Maximo Nivel’s international community service programs help companies develop competencies that are critical for long-term business success. Our programs help companies create focus on areas such as:
– Meeting corporate social responsibility goals
– How to solve challenges as a team; Team-building
– Stimulating an environment of creativity and innovation
– How to effectively adapt to international settings
– Creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and achievement
– Developing leadership, language, and cross-cultural skills

We partner with a wide range of companies to offer great international programs for both small and large corporate teams. If you’re working with a group of 6 to 60 people, contact us to speak with a Program Manager.

We’d love to work with your group at Maximo Nivel in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru!

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