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Volunteer Working with Children

Maximo Nivel’s volunteer projects aspire to change children’s lives by providing caring and nurturing volunteers to work and play with them.

Homelessness and poverty have left many children in Latin America without families and education. Volunteer projects provide individual attention and assistance to children from difficult and challenging backgrounds. These children suffer from abandonment, abuse, and poor education; they do not receive the love and affection they need and deserve.

Our childcare programs are the right place for caring and responsible people who want to improve the lives of underprivileged kids. Attention and care go a long way, especially in the development of young people. International volunteers play an important role by working with local staff to improve the educational, emotional, and hygiene conditions of these children. Your assistance helps keep these children off the street, and provides the structure they need to have a productive and happy childhood.

What will you do as a childcare volunteer?

Volunteers work in daycare facilities, community centers, and schools. Depending on your individual skills and interests, your volunteer work may vary, but generally includes providing individual attention and affection to the children, organizing games, sports, and other activities, hygiene education, cleaning, and helping with homework. Your love and support are the most important things for these disadvantaged children. We encourage you to use your skills and creativity, be open-minded, and be ready to pitch-in and help out.

CountriesCosta Rica, Guatemala, Peru
Program DurationMinimum 1 week; We recommend 2 weeks or longer.
Work Schedule3-4 hours/day; Working hours are either in the morning or afternoon, depending on project site.
Volunteer Requirements– At least 17 years of age
– Able to be creative with limited resources
– Hard working, ready to do anything!
– Childcare experience is preferred
– Spanish language skills are not required
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What our Childcare Volunteers are saying…

“I had the opportunity to spend a month in Guatemala working with children at a daycare and had a life-changing experience. The Maimo Nivel staff was incredibly accommodating and gracious to all of the people that were in Antigua volunteering and did an excellent job of making sure everything was running smoothly. At my placement, I immediately fell in love with all of the children at the daycare and after spending a month with them saying goodbye was next to impossible. As these are at-risk, underprivileged children, the staff at my daycare was so appreciative of all that we helped with and made us feel as if we were a part of their family. I learned so much at my placement; not only in terms of my Spanish speaking abilities but also and more importantly, what it means to give back to a community that needs all of the help it can get. Volunteering with Maximo Nivel was such a rewarding experience that I cannot recommend highly enough. My next trip to Antigua can’t come soon enough!”
“Signing up with Maximo Nivel, and helping the niños de Prenoei Nogales, is definitely one of the greatest experiences we’ve ever done in our lives. Not only was this our first time in Peru but also our first time volunteering and something I will definitely do again with Maximo Nivel. They were extremely helpful, and most importantly available, with getting us settled in and gave us tips to live like locals. We couldn’t have asked for a better project to be apart of. These kids, regardless of their background, were sweet, full of energy and always happy to see us with plenty of hugs and “Hola!”s to go around. Though our time was short, it is an experience I’ll never forget. I only hope that Tina and I left just as much of an impact on their lives as well. Thanks so much Maximo Nivel, I can’t wait until the next time!”
“I have been extremely lucky ! After finally deciding to experiment volunteering abroad and do some searching, i found Maximo Nivel. From the start, all our conversations (online chat and e-mail) and explanations assured me as much as possible that this adventure would turn out well. I’ve been in San Jose for two weeks, placed at Maria Aux, a daycare for young children from La Carpio, very poor and complicated. What the responsible for the project, Silvia, does with the limited space and conditions is amazing : a safe space for the kids, with songs, reading, painting, etc.
The children couldn’t be sweeter and were eager to have our help doing all kinds of things, which i gladly did. I could see how Maximo Nivel and previous volunteers have invested in improving the daycare’s conditions and it is a work in progress. I felt very welcomed at the placement and can honestly say that Maximo’s team, especially Steve and Emily, were there for whatever i needed. Steve, your idea of a Christmas party is absolutely amazing !”
“It was a great experience. I learned a lot of Spanish and about the Costarican culture. I helped kids in a daycare and received a humbling experience that I will always remember. I taught the kids about exercise and different sports as well as English and mathematics. I was placed in a well funded daycare that was run by nuns, so I got to experience the religious structure as well. Everyone at Maximo is very knowledgeable and helpful with anything that the volunteers need, and this is the most valuable perk of the program. They tell you what to expect, where to go for whatever you need, and tips on things to look out for to stay safe or blend into the culture more.”
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