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Education vs. Schooling: Traveling Abroad Makes the Difference

Education doesn’t end with a degree and graduation cap. Instead, it begins with life and ends with death. From the [...]

Travel & Culture: How to Do It Right

Every day you hear more stories about another millennial ditching the nine-five to venture off for a year in a [...]

Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala: is it worth the hike?

If hiking an active volcano is on your bucket list, Maximo’s Volcano Pacaya tour offers that special opportunity only available [...]

Gap Year: A Life-changing Experience at Any Age

Gap years are often associated with the year between high school graduation and freshman year of university. But, today, more [...]

I Taught English Without a TEFL Certificate and Failed

I had the travel bug, bad! I just didn’t have the money to keep it up. Then [...]

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Spanish Immersion Program Abroad

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Central or South America to study Spanish abroad, you [...]

Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

The Spanish tradition of Semana Santa (Holy Week) arrived with the Spaniards to Guatemala in 1524. Almost [...]

My Micro-Business Internship in Costa Rica

Intern Profile Name: Anasia Hometown: Chicago, IL School: Northern Central College Major(s): Marketing & Spanish Program: Micro-business [...]

“I wanted to travel in a way that dug deep”

Volunteer Profile Name: Wilder F. Age: 28 Occupation: Journalist, Editor Residence: New York City Volunteer Country: Guatemala [...]

Check Out These 3 Awesome Internship Abroad Opportunities

Everyone knows that an internship is crucial to gaining experience in your field of study, which can make [...]