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You could be the next great Maximo Nivel team member

We’re looking for human rockstars who know how to work hard, give back, and provide the best experience possible for our Maximo Nivel participants. The sky’s the limit with where you can take your career when you join our team. Start here to see all the positions currently available.

Director, National Programs – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

This person leads the Native English Program in either San Jose, Costa Rica; Antigua, Guatemala; or Cusco, Peru. This person is responsible for sales, marketing, client service, matriculation, diagnostic testing, and class scheduling.

A major component of this position is managing the front office (‘the store’) and the basic logistics of opening, closing, cashing out, and selling English classes. It’s also important to generate excitement, both within the staff and the client base, about providing great client service meeting matriculation goals each month!

This person works directly with individuals to matriculate them into Maximo’s Native English program. The Director also works with business clients to sell our English programs to tourism operators, hotels, banks, and other businesses.

This person works very closely with the Academic Director in terms of providing great service to students and clients, scheduling classes, and maximizing matriculations. The Director, National Programs directly manages a shared team of 3-5 office staff, and provides support to the Academic Director who manages a team of approximately 20 ESL teachers.

– Bachelors Degree
– Bi-lingual English/Spanish
– 2-4 years professional experience
– Outstanding administrative and organizational skills; exceptional attention to detail
– Results focused: increasing matriculations and providing great service to students and clients
– Must be ready to lead and manage a cross-cultural team
– Must have a high energy level and strong work ethic
– Business minded and very good at managing details
– Must be very client service oriented
– Excellent computer skills including Word and Excel

The minimum position duration is 18 months—we are not interested in individuals who cannot absolutely commit for at least that amount of time.

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Field Manager, International Programs – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

The Field Manager works as part of the International Programs Team—a team of 4-6 people, and reports to the Director of International Programs. As part of this team, the Field Manager works to improve the international programs business and ensure excellent client service and program management. The Field Manager works closely with international clients providing in-country support, project organization, class scheduling, housing, travel, and responding to any other needs that clients have. The Field Manager helps ensure that international clients are productive, happy, and safe while in-country. The Field Manager is also closely involved with partner management, including regular communication with both international and local partners.


VOLUNTEER PROGRAM—The Field Manager ensures that volunteers are busy and productive at their projects. The Field Manager is expected to make sure volunteers are engaged and actively working at their project placements.

The Field Manager simultaneously manages a number of projects (15-22) and a number of volunteers (10-75); and the primary goal is to provide structure and organization that results in impact at each project. Resources include some limited funding, volunteers, and the creativity and organizational skills the Field Manager brings to the project. The Field Manager manages these projects and provides organization, client service, encouragement, translation, and any other support required to make sure volunteers are productive at the project site.

The Field Manager must develop strong, interactive relationships with the Director(s) of each project. They must work toward creating mutually beneficial relationships—ensuring that Maximo Nivel is a good partner and that Maximo Nivel’s volunteers and the project benefit from the relationship. Benefits include: improved realization of the project’s mission, improved organization, improved cleanliness, improved attendance, construction, food, supplies, improved support for the project Director and staff, etc.

The Field Manager also provides orientation, client service, housing, and scheduling support for Maximo Nivel’s International Internship, Native Spanish, and TEFL Certification programs.


VOLUNTEER PROJECT SITES—Field Managers meet with and assess project sites for suitability to host international volunteers and to work with Maximo Nivel. Suitability is determined by assessing: existing organization, existing team, need, ability and willingness to work with international volunteers, and the opportunity for Maximo Nivel and its volunteers to bring impact to the project.

FAMILY-STAYS—Field Managers meet with and assess new family-stay homes for their suitability to provide housing and food to Maximo Nivel’s international clients. Suitability is determined by assessing motivations of the family for housing international guests, cleanliness, hospitality, number of rooms/beds, ability to provide good food and timely meals, and the family’s willingness to provide a cultural immersion experience.


The Field Manager provides support for overall program management, including:
– Sales and client service
– Airport pick-up
– Orientation and welcome
– Site visits and problem-solving
– Coordinating donations and aid
– Housing support and problem solving
– Sending emails, answering phones, and updating the CRM system
– Scheduling: Volunteers, Spanish classes, family-stays
– Travel details: flights, hotel, arrival, departure, etc.


– Bachelors Degree
– Bi-lingual English/Spanish.
– 2-3 years professional experience
– Business minded and very strong at managing details
– Must be very client service oriented
– Passion for traveling and helping others
– Excellent computer skills including Word and Excel

The minimum position duration is 18 months—we are not interested in individuals who cannot absolutely commit for at least that amount of time.

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TEFL Trainer – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

The TEFL teacher-trainer is responsible for teaching and managing Maximo Nivel’s internationally-accredited, TEFL Certification program. This position is based in one of 4 locations: Cusco, Peru; Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica; or Antigua, Guatemala.

The TEFL Trainer is responsible for delivering the TEFL Certification program including the onsite (4 week course), the Hybrid TEFL course, and the online TEFL course. The Trainer often needs to balance training in all 3 modalities each month. The TEFL course is fully-developed and the program has been functioning on a monthly basis since 2004. The course is offered 11 months per year—mid-January through mid-December.

The primary goal of the course is to train new ESL Teachers, who will accept teaching positions with language schools and institutes around the world. Maximo Nivel’s TEFL Certification course is well-known and is exceptionally well-reviewed by past participants. Maximo’s TEFL Certification program is known for being 1) intensive and demanding, 2) fun and entertaining, and 3) very supportive. The TEFL Trainer is expected to maintain these high standards!

The TEFL Trainer leads the certification course on a daily basis, grades papers, and manages participant scheduling onsite and online. The Trainer provides coaching and feedback to trainees—this is the most important part of the position. Trainers also provide feedback and coaching on résumés/CVs and job-finding.

For the onsite course, the TEFL Trainer works Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The first 3 weeks of the course are easier as no long evening hours are required other than regular course management and required office hours. During the final [4th] week of the course, the Trainer must also work in the evening to observe and evaluate trainees. Note that this often requires 12 – 14 hours per day.
For the online TEFL course, the TEFL Trainer schedules Skype meetings with participants on a regular and as-needed basis. The exact schedule is determined by each TEFL client. The TEFL Trainer simultaneously manages both onsite and online courses and this requires excellent scheduling and priority-setting from the TEFL Trainer.


– Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s Degree is highly preferred
– TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification is required
– At least 5 years of ESL teaching experience
– Strong work ethic; Happy to work long hours and deal with “tough” days
– Passionate about teaching and training people; Capable of setting a high standard, consistently modeling that high standard, and holding trainees to attaining it
– Excellent sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself
– Professional and self-confident
– Teaching Style: Energetic and passionate; Organized and well-planned; Empathetic to trainees; Fun and entertaining—you must enjoy humor and making people laugh

The minimum position duration is 22 months—we are not interested in individuals who cannot absolutely commit for at least that amount of time.

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