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There is a whole world to discover with Maximo Nivel. We can take you to the heart of Latin America and help you see life—real and up-close in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.  Get to know the people at Maximo Nivel—we have international and local students, volunteers, interns, TEFL trainees, and people joining us from all over the world! This means there is a constant, brilliant mix of both international and local people. Everyone here is looking to learn new languages, make new friends, learn about other cultures, and create impact in their own lives and in others. Our campuses are centers for intercultural exchange and they always hum with students and travelers and an awesome, local-meets-international vibe.

Maximo Nivel’s campuses and institutes are designed to be friendly, open places. We have large common areas, gardens, patios, and terraces. There are flat-screen TVs where you can catch the news or watch the football game, free WiFi, computer labs, and great snack bars where the coffee and tea are always free. Every classroom at Maximo Nivel is equipped with comfortable chairs, extra-large whiteboards, audio, and internet. Our institutes are open 7 days/week including holidays  and our support team is on-call 24/7 to ensure your safety and to make sure you have a great experience abroad!

Check out the monthly activities calendar, which includes free salsa dance classes, cooking lessons, cultural events, and things going on around town. As experts on Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, the Maximo