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Volunteer in Building & Construction Projects

Build, mix, cut, paint, install… help a community, build a home, expand a school, or improve a clinic.

Volunteer in Construction Projects Abroad

What will you do as a Construction Volunteer?

Maximo Nivel’s construction programs focus on community development. Construction projects may include building or repairing homes, adding classrooms to schools, or making structural improvements to clinics. Construction work is physically demanding, including digging, removing dirt, mixing cement, carrying brick, preparing adobe, painting, plastering, helping in beautification or renovation work, and various other activities as needed at the site. All construction projects are led and organized by Maximo Nivel’s professional construction foreman who determines the work program.

Construction projects are some of our highest impact projects—where you can see and truly appreciate the work you’ve done and the impact you’ve had during your project!

CountriesCosta Rica, Guatemala, Peru
Program DurationMinimum 1 week
Work Schedule3-4 hours/day Monday-Friday; Working hours are split into morning and afternoon shifts; schedules vary according to the project’s needs.
Volunteer Requirements– At least 17 years of age
– Flexible; Willing to do various tasks based on season and project needs
– Healthy and physically prepared to do manual labor
– Hard working, ready to do anything!
– Spanish language skills are not required
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What our Construction Volunteers are saying…

“From mixing concrete and cement, to putting up the walls of the second floor, to the amazing team of people I had the honor to work with this experience should not be passed up. I was the more senior of the group and could probably be father to most I was welcomed in to this project for a solution to a much needed facility in a very poor part of town where those that needed the services most did not get them. The work on the OB/GYN clinic was rewarding as you could measure your progress every day. Marco is awesome and I learned several construction tips from him. Did you know that there is a difference between concrete and cement? It all in the measurements. The final day I was there we did not work on the clinic but walked up what felt like a millions steps to paint and after care facility. I truly enjoyed this, hope to to do more, and have nothing but thanks to Maximo for checking in on us and making sure that we had the best experience possible. What an amazing group!! Miss you all!! Still following the project because a week wasn’t enough!”
“Prior to my time in Guatemala, I had traveled only to European countries and Caribbean resorts. This was my first experience in a third world country, but Maximo Nivel was excellent at acknowledging our surroundings and setting us up in a volunteer house, whose hosts provided housing, laundry, and delicious meals. The coordinates did a thorough job at orienting us on our first day, and were extremely helpful throughout our week. My friends and I opted for the construction division, and though we were exposed to dangerous tools, everyone ended up having a safe, impactful, and unique learning experience. Our project was to build an extension of a clinic, so that patients may have a room to wait to be seen in. Each morning, we would watch as the patients stood outside as they waited, a daily image that made our work all the more purposeful. The supervisors were fun and respectful, and there was little to no issue with the language barrier. Highly recommend.”
“I volunteered in the field construction and renovation in San José, Costa Rica. The project was outside of the city. I felt safe because i had the best instructor ever. His name was Danilo. I enjoyed being a part of this group. We were building a classroom for kids. It was such a delight to see the progress we made. It just makes you feel good. So girls don’t be afraid for signing up at this field. You will not regret it!”
“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about traveling to Peru is the extraordinary experience I had as a construction volunteer. Two weeks that were not long enough! The construction site had a great view over Cusco, everyone at Maximo Nivel and all the volunteers I met were fantastic and very helpful from day one. Not only did we enjoy working together at the site but also our after work lunches and trips to explore the surrounding areas. One of the reasons I chose Cusco was the opportunity to visit things during our free time and I was not let down. Staying with a family was a great chance to really get to try home-made food and Peruvian culture and we even got to see the celebrations for their Independence Day.”
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