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High School Groups

The more you see, the more you learn is out there—your world gets bigger every day. The effect isn’t instantaneous, but little by little you feel your perspective changing. Travel somewhere, anywhere, because there are so many things to discover!

Our High School Programs provide schools, teachers, parents, and students with professionally-run, carefully-supervised study abroad programs in Latin America. We work closely with you to make sure our programs are tailored to fit your educational goals. Group itineraries can be designed to focus on Spanish language, Service Learning, and cultural travel, or any combination of these programs.

High School Groups

At Maximo Nivel, we’re very focused on delivering safe, fun, international experiences for young people—where they can learn and make a positive impact. Traveling abroad with Maximo Nivel enables teachers to move their classroom out into the world, inspiring young people to be global citizens and students of the world. The international environment is a new context that challenges students to think differently, to open their minds, and to build new skills. Our programs are a great way for teenagers to advance their studies, learn a language, get involved with community service, and gain international experience!

We are very experts at working with high school groups and we help you manage everything—budgeting, pre-arrival support, in-country classes and projects, and most importantly safety and risk management. We work directly with you to build a customized itinerary that meets your school’s goals. Group programs are available year-round and can be easily managed to coincide with summer, winter, and spring breaks.

The best programs for high school groups include:

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Adventure
Native Spanish Program

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