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University Groups

It is the sustained engagement of many people over time—the individuals and groups coming before and after—that make meaningful, positive impact. Be part of it with Maximo Nivel!

Maximo Nivel has a long history of partnering with universities. We have years of experience in combining real academics with experiential learning and community service. Students who return to campus after a Maximo Nivel program are well educated and more connected to the world—that’s our goal! We are dedicated to responsible educational travel and this is incorporated into every program.

We make it easy for faculty and study abroad administrators.
– Low program fees
– Strong academics
– Great planning and pre-arrival support
– Excellent in-country service and facilities
– Commitment to safety and risk management

Each study abroad experience is customized to fit the group’s objectives and specific university requirements and goals. Maximo Nivel organizes everything your group needs from classes and projects to housing, food, transportation, and tours. A variety of program options are available for university groups in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru:

Spanish language
Service Learning
Cultural travel
University courses in Medicine, Conservation, and Business

University Groups

Faculty-Led Programs

At Maximo Nivel, we build our study abroad programs for educators who want to go beyond the classroom and inspire young people to become global citizens and students of the world. We work with you to meet your academic goals, your university’s requirements, and your students’ budgets. Our Program Managers also assist in organizing extracurricular activities, tours, and trips to ensure your group makes the most of their experience abroad. Together, we create meaningful educational travel programs where students grow and learn from the experience and have the opportunity to positively impact another part of the world.

Moving forward, we continue working with you year after year to help build in more academic components and special interests. We strive to continue working with you to achieve your unique objectives and develop programs for future groups.

Outcomes Based

At Maximo Nivel, we help you focus on outcomes—the results of your study abroad program. This needs to be more than smile sheets and “it changed my life,” and we work with you to emphasize goals and outcomes. Students coming through our programs, more often than not, achieve the following:

– Develop communication, leadership, and problem solving skills; Learn to apply those skills in real-life situations.

– Develop a mindset for civic engagement and global citizenship.

– Develop language skills and an introduction to cross-cultural competence; Ability to work collaboratively across language and cultural barriers.

– Learn about social inequality and structural injustice; Explore their personal identity as it relates to diversity, class, and gender.

– Gain international experience; Build new personal and professional relationships.

We recommend that university groups include Guided Reflection Workshops as part of their program. The faculty leader or Maximo Nivel instructors facilitate students through a series of guided activities to help people reflect on and analyze their experience and what they’ve learned. Reflection workshops help bring the study abroad and service learning experience to a whole new level.

Student-Led Groups

Student groups are often associated with on-campus student organizations, fraternities and sororities, sports teams, and Alternative Spring Break programs. However, sometimes they’re just a group of friends who want to come to Latin America to work, study, and travel together. Whatever the case may be, Maximo offers safe, affordable, high quality programs—perfect for student groups on a budget!

We are very experienced at working with student groups and we help you manage everything—budgeting, pre-arrival support, in-country projects, and most importantly safety and risk management. We work directly with you to build a customized itinerary that meets your group’s goals. Our programs are a great way to advance your studies, learn a language, get involved with community service, and gain international experience! You can also earn university credit for your volunteer, internship, or Spanish language program. Group programs are available year-round and can be easily managed to coincide with summer, winter, and spring breaks.

The best programs for student groups include:

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Adventure
Spanish Immersion Programs
International Internships

Get in touch with a Maximo Nivel Program Manager and we’ll plan your group’s next adventure!

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