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Family Trips

Your children should seek the stories that live just over the horizon, and feel at ease in unfamiliar lands. How else will they truly know that the world has so much to offer? A passport, a plane ticket, and a plan for adventure is the best gift you could possibly give them.

Everyone—even parents—can study Spanish, do volunteer work, and learn more about the world! At Maximo Nivel, we have programs for all ages and we can create a personalized itinerary just for you or one that keeps your entire family happy. Our programs are very flexible and we’re always happy and proud to have families join us to work, study, and travel in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

We deliver safe, fun, international experiences for families—where you can live, work, and learn together while making a positive impact through community service. Traveling abroad with Maximo Nivel inspires young people to be global citizens, to open their minds, and to build new skills. Our programs are a great way for young people and their parents to learn a language, get involved, and gain international experience!

Family-centric programs can be designed to focus on Volunteer Abroad, Spanish language, and cultural and adventure travel, or any combination of these programs. Maximo Nivel provides professionally-run, carefully-organized experiences for families with both young children and teenagers. We work closely with you to make sure your program is personalized to fit your family’s ideas and what everyone wants to accomplish.

We are very experienced at hosting family groups. We help you manage everything—budgeting, pre-arrival support, in-country classes and projects, and most importantly safety! Family programs are available year-round and can be easily managed to coincide with summer, winter, and spring vacations.

The best programs for family trips include:
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Adventure
Native Spanish Program
Adventure & Culture Program

Family Trips Aboad

Traveling with Your Family

We recommend families choose either host-family accommodations or a hotel. We do not recommend programs that have dormitory-style housing, nor do we recommend using apartments.

The best projects for families with young children tend to be our Working with Kids programs, because these projects allow your children to get involved and interact with the kids at the project site. Conservation projects may also be suitable for families; though it’s important your children enjoy working outdoors.

Note that you have weekends free to explore everything that Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru have to offer. You can organize specially discounted travel programs via our on-site travel partner.

Note> Children and teenagers under the age of 17 must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Parent consent forms are required. Maximo Nivel offers babysitting and chaperone services for an extra fee.

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