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Natural Reserve & Beach Conservation

Costa Rica has one of the most diverse ecosystems of the world, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But without protection, management, and research of these ecosystems, we wouldn’t know the most impactful way to contribute to the sustainable development of these areas.

Maximo Nivel’s Beach Conservation project brings volunteers four different platforms in which they can contribute to its sustainability; trail & beach preservation, research, La Caseta, and education. Each component of this project is integral in the development of the ecosystems, in addition to the outreach work needed to educate others on how to protect and provide for the natural land.

The reserve is located on the extreme southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and was the country’s first protected area. It later became the country’s first official National Park on October 21, 1963. Both land and ocean areas total about 3 million hectares, but only 5% of that is open to visitors by way of trail systems. The remaining 95% is an “absolute reserve”, allowing for the complete protection and preservation of the flora and fauna.

What will you do as a Beach Conservation Volunteer?

Depending on the volunteers’ “station” volunteers might get involved with trail and park maintenance, beach cleanup, day patrols, contributing to ongoing research, orienting and assisting English speaking visitors, facilitating school groups and researchers, general maintenance and preservation, and much more.

CountriesCosta Rica
Program DurationMinimum 2 weeks
Work Schedule5-7 hours/day Monday-Friday; Hours may vary and depend on the needs of the project
Volunteer Requirements– At least 17 years of age
– Flexible; Willing to do various tasks based on season and project needs
– Healthy and physically prepared to do manual labor in a rural setting
– Hard working, ready to do anything!
– Responsible and safety minded
– Spanish language skills are not required
– Alcohol is strictly prohibited at conservation sites
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