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Volunteer in Conservation Projects

Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru are 3 of the most bio-diverse countries in the world! With Maximo Nivel, there are lots of opportunities to work in the rainforests, mountains, and coastal areas of these amazing countries.

Conservation Volunteer Options:

Sea Turtle Conservation (Costa Rica and Guatemala)
Jungle Reforestation (Peru)
Organic Farming (Costa Rica and Guatemala)
Natural Reserve & Beach Conservation (Costa Rica)

volunteer in conservation projects abroad

Maximo Nivel’s conservation projects are directed by environmentalists, biologists, and other local professionals. Most of our projects serve rural communities and volunteers often work alongside local inhabitants. Specific tasks vary greatly from project to project. Program supervisors let you work as independently as possible based on your Spanish language skills, responsibility level, and expertise. That said, you’re expected to take direction and follow the work plan that the conservation project dictates.

Note that most conservation projects are located offsite and away from the Maximo Nivel institute. Most of our offsite projects do not have internet access, but there is a phone in case of emergency. Our Field Managers check in with you by phone and in-person throughout your program.

If you are scheduled to work at an offsite conservation project, you receive the regular volunteer orientation on Day 1, followed by an orientation specifically for your conservation project. During your orientation, travel to/from your project is clearly explained and you receive your transportation tickets, which are included in your program fees. Depending on your project and bus schedules, you leave for your volunteer placement on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Note that offsite volunteers who arrive on Monday instead of Sunday may not arrive to their volunteer site until Tuesday or Wednesday. At the end of your program, your transportation back from your project site is also included in your program fees. Volunteers usually return either Friday night or very early Saturday morning.

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