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A Volunteer Project for Every Personality

With the stressors of everyday life–bills, work, family–it’s easy to get caught up focusing on what it is you need, rather than on what you already have, and how you can use what you have, to make a positive impact on a community in need. In turn, you´re guaranteed an eye-opening experience to realize the unfortunate circumstances some people have to endure, while at the same time opening your eyes to unfortunate realities, opening your mind to different ways in which you can contribute, and opening your heart to a fellow man. But with so many options, how do you know which volunteer project is best for you? It involves a little introspection, and a true analysis of your skill set.

1. The Nurturer

Are you patient, nurturing, and young at heart? Are you imaginative, inquisitive, a caregiver? Try a working with kids project. Whether at a daycare, or government-run childcare center, your patience and imagination go a long way with the kiddies! You might help with homework, create and play games, teach and encourage basic hygiene, and more.

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2. The Teacher

If you´re a natural teacher, teaching English could be perfect for you! English is now considered a global language as it´s the most commonly learned language among second language learners, and international business. Foreign students are eager to join the growing number of English speakers to advance themselves professionally and academically, Use your skills, and explore your passion for teaching in an international setting.

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3. The Laborer

Enjoy working with your hands? Creating, and completing projects? Seeing an idea become reality right in front of your eyes? Try a construction volunteer project! You help to renovate old schools, classrooms, clinics and more, or you may even begin a completely new project and build something from the ground up. Your hands are more than needed for digging, mixing, painting, installing, and more. You’ll help build needed facilities, and give a gift that keeps on giving.

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4. The Caretaker

If you’re in the medical field or are a current medical student, you probably have a passion for caring for others. Medical volunteers ensure that patient needs are tended to, and provide instruction for care at home. Lots of people around the world are not afforded even basic medical services. That’s where your expertise comes in!

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5. That Environmental Activist

Are you passionate about the world? Concerned about the unsustainable practices of humanity and the damaging effects they will have on future generations? Us, too! Join a conservation volunteer program that helps to curb destructive practices so we can have hope for a better future. Whether you’re reversing deforestation in the amazon or educating communities on how to better care for the environment, make your impact felt globally!

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6. The Animal Lover

Because animals are people, too! Sort of. They should at least be treated fairly. That’s why Maximo Nivel partners with rescue and rehab centers that protect animals that were taken from the wild and injured. These animals are treated and re-released so as not to domesticate them. In addition, you might work in shelters that care for strays and attempt to find adoptive families because our furry friends just aren’t meant to live in the wild.

7. The Free Spirit

Want to immerse yourself in one of the most historical indigenous tribes? Then leave your gadgets behind and join an Andean village in Peru. You’ll get to see what it’s like to live amongst a native people and participate in their daily routines, all while being disconnected from modern civilization. That mean no internet, high tech anything, and sometimes no hot water. They need all the hands they can get to help tend the animals, crops, and help with day-to-day care of the village. This program is perfect for those looking to connect more deeply with the world, and understand a more authentic way of living, while learning about culture and customs.

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