What to Expect from our TEFL Certification

The Life of a “TEFLer” at Maximo Nivel

Airport pick-up is included in all of our programs. Maximo Nivel’s professional drivers meet you outside of baggage claim as you exit the airport—just look for the yellow smiley face flag. You receive a Welcome Folder detailing your accommodations, orientation time, and our Emergency contact numbers. Depending on your time of arrival, you come to the Maximo institute or go directly to your accommodations.
We have a lot to do on Day 1, so we expect you at the institute first thing in the morning. Orientation begins at 9:00AM sharp. Orientation is very important because we cover specific details about your program, a health and safety review, dos and don’ts, cultural activities and tours that are available, and a short walking tour to be sure you’re familiar with the area around the Maximo institute. During your orientation, you take a Spanish placement exam. We strongly recommend you sign up for Spanish classes at Maximo Nivel—this helps you better understand second language learners and also makes finding a job easier.

Your TEFL course is programmed from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday-Friday with additional work after regular class hours and assigned reading each night. As part of the course, you begin teaching right away, and every Friday and Monday are reserved for teaching practice, which takes place in 20-minute mini lessons, including feedback from your TEFL Trainer.

Week 1: Critical ESL Techniques | Learning &Teaching Theory | Introduction to Teaching Methodology | Lesson Planning | Classroom Management | Error Correction | Observation of Experienced Teachers | Mini Lessons

Week 2: English Grammar Review 1 | English Grammar Review 2 | Vocabulary Workshop | Job-Finding Workshop | Foreign Language Lesson | Mini lessons

Week 3: Methodologies in Teaching Grammar | Teaching Vocabulary | Teaching Speaking & Writing | Teaching Listening & Reading | Teaching Phonology |Written Assignment #1 | Mini Lessons

Week 4—Tasked Based Learning | Lesson Planning |Methodology for Teaching with Games | Assessing Learners | Review of all Teaching Methodologies | Review of Critical ESL Techniques | Introduction to International English Exams | Practical Teaching Week |Written Assignment #2 | TEFL Portfolio

Be sure to take advantage of the many free activities we have at Maximo Nivel including salsa classes, cooking lessons, Tandem Conversation Program, and more.

If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly! It’s important to follow the Maximo Nivel safety rules—we want you to have a fun and safe experience abroad.

You can arrange tours with Maximo Nivel’s on-site travel partner or pool together with other people at Maximo and head out on your own.

At the end of the course, please take the time leave us your feedback card. Client service is important to us and we take your feedback very seriously—it helps us improve our TEFL program so that future participants continue to have a great experience at Maximo Nivel.

In the evening, we celebrate graduation with our “TEFL Toast,” good food, and drinks; and everyone receives their official TEFL certificate.

Departure day is always bitter sweet. Our program participants are usually excited to start their new teaching jobs or go home and share their TEFL adventure with family and friends. Remember, you’re always welcome to extend your stay!

On your final day, you are welcome to stay at your accommodations until 11:00AM. Make sure you come to Maximo Nivel to check-out and collect your Maximo t-shirt. Please note that airport drop-off is not included in your program fee.

The life of a TEFler

Life at Maximo Nivel

At Maximo Nivel, we have lots of large common areas to hang out and meet up with friends and other interns. At the institute, there is free WiFi, a computer lounge, free Spanish tutoring, and free coffee and tea. During your program, you should definitely take part in the free Tandem Conversation Program to further improve your Spanish. Every month we have a calendar of free activities including salsa dance classes, cooking lessons, movie night, and so on.

At every Maximo institute, travel and excursions are easy to arrange through our on-site travel partners.
MyJ Travel (Costa Rica)
Eco-Expedition Guatemala (Guatemala)
American Inca Trail (Peru)

The Maximo Nivel team is available 24/7. Please let us know if something isn’t right or if you need help.

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