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Peru is a Latin American tiger! The country is equal parts beautiful, historic, and ambitious. It is truly one of the great success stories in South America and it keeps getting better. This is the back-drop for one of the most exciting decisions of your life—getting TEFL certified! Earn your internationally-accredited TEFL Certification at the Maximo Nivel TEFL Training Center located in the historic city of Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu. A lot of travelers make their way to Cusco, but only the special few stick around and really get to know the depth, the beauty, and the adventure of this amazing place. The strength of Peru’s economy and the importance of the tourism sector, means there is always a strong demand for English teachers. The Maximo Nivel team and your TEFL Trainer are experienced English-teaching professionals and very knowledgeable of Peru. They are always ready to support you throughout your journey!