TEFL Program Dates

We offer TEFL certification programs 11 months out of the year. New courses begin every 5 weeks.

2018 TEFL Certification Course Dates

Onsite/150-Hour TEFL Certification

Month Start Finish
January 22-Jan 16-Feb
February 19-Feb 16-Mar
March 21-Mar 17-Apr
April 23-Apr 18-May
May 23-May 19-Jun
June 25-Jun 20-Jul
July 23-Jul 17-Aug
August 22-Aug 18-Sep
September 24-Sep 19-Oct
October 22-Oct 16-Nov
November 21-Nov 18-Dec

Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL Certification

Month Start Finish
February 5-Feb 16-Feb
March 5-March 16-Mar
April 2-Apr 13-Apr
May 7-May 18-May
June 4-Jun 15-Jun
July 9-Jul 20-Jul
August 6-Aug 17-Aug
September 3-Sep 14-Sep
October 8-Oct 19-Oct
November 5-Nov 16-Nov
December 3-Dec 14-Dec

Certificates in Teaching Business English and International Exam Preparation

Month Business English Exam Preparation
February Feb 17-19 Feb 23-25
March Mar 17-19 Mar 23-25
April Apr 21-23 Apr 27-29
May May 19-21 May 25-27
June Jun 23-25 Jun 29-Jul 01
July Jul 21-23 Jul 27-29
August Aug 18-20 Aug 24-26
September Sep 22-24 Sep 28-30
October Oct 20-22 Oct 26-28
November Nov 17-19 Nov 23-25
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