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Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL Course

The Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL program is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to travel and just aren’t able to break away.

The Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL program is a thorough and practical introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). During the 150-hour course you study the same modules as the standard 4-week TEFL program. You complete the first half of the course through self-study, and you receive guidance from a Maximo Nivel TEFL Trainer via email and 7 hours of included tutoring over Skype. Then, you complete the second half of the course on-site at one of Maximo Nivel’s institutes in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru in cover the Teaching Methodology and Practical Teaching modules.

During the Accelerated-Hybrid course, you become familiar with the principles of successful ESL teaching and you develop the practical skills needed to effectively teach English. During the online portion of the course, your TEFL Trainer challenges you to think creatively while coaching you through the assignments. Note that you must be self-guided and take responsibility for your own learning. The more you put into your TEFL training, the more you get out of it!

Accelerated Hybrid TEFL

Practical Teaching

During the in-country portion of your course, you take over a live English class with non-native students. You spend an entire week planning and delivering 60-minute lessons; this teaching practice is supervised and evaluated by your Trainer. This is an important component to improve your teaching and increase your self-awareness as an ESL teacher.

Online Modules

As the first half of the course is self-paced, we recommend you complete the online/distance portion in approximately 4-12 weeks. From there, you should schedule the on-site portion of your course as soon as possible. There are specific dates for the onsite course and you should contact to schedule your program. Our TEFL Trainers are available for tutoring and coaching via email and Skype. When you sign up, you receive your Trainer’s contact details.

TEFL Course Overview

Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL Course Modules
1. Approaches to Learning & Teaching Online
2. Critical ESL Techniques Online & On-site
3. Class Management Online & On-site
4. Lesson Planning Online & On-site
5. English Grammar Review 1 Online
6. English Grammar Review 2 Online
7. Teaching Grammar Online & On-site
8. Teaching Vocabulary Online & On-site
9. Teaching English with Games Online & On-site
10. Teaching Speaking & Writing Online & On-site
11. Teaching Listening & Reading Online & On-site
12. Assessing Learners Onsite
13. Introduction to International Exams Extra days required

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