Accredited TEFL Courses Abroad

Maximo Nivel offers a range of TEFL courses including standard, online, and hybrid courses. We also provide special add-on certifications to enhance your TEFL qualifications.

TEFL certification courses at Maximo Nivel:

4-Week TEFL Course

Fun and intensive, this teacher preparation course is Maximo Nivel’s flagship TEFL course. The 4-week course covers 150 hours of in-class lectures, group work, independent study, and practical teaching. This is the best TEFL program for both beginning teachers and those who have previous teaching experience. The 4-week TEFL course gives you the optimum amount of theory, practical teaching, and feedback. more…

Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL

The Accelerated-Hybrid TEFL combines modules from both the 4-week and online courses. The first half of the Accelerated-Hybrid course is completed independently, and you are guided by your TEFL Trainer through email and 7 hours of included Skype tutoring. For the second half of the course, you join the final 2 weeks of the regular 4-week course in the country of your choice—Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. While in-country, you complete the Teaching Methodology and Practical Teaching modules. more…

Online TEFL Certification

This is not your ordinary online TEFL course. Other online TEFL courses simply concentrate on ESL theory, and you miss the class interaction and the all-important practical teaching component. However, with Maximo Nivel’s Online TEFL, you get all the theory, and you get to discuss it with your TEFL trainer via 15 hours of included tutoring by Skype. Most importantly, you teach 6 one-hour lessons with a live English student! This sets Maximo Nivel’s online TEFL apart from all other online courses. more…

Specialized TEFL Certifications

Teaching Business English
The certification course in Teaching Business English is for people who have already completed a minimum 100-hour TEFL certification. In this course, you learn to extend ESL theory and methodology to teach business specific English to executives, business people, and MBA students. Business English is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative areas of ESL teaching. Course modules include: Needs Assessment, Course Design, Materials Creation, Task-based Learning (TBL), and Running Simulations.

Teaching International Exam Preparation
Maximo Nivel is the only institute to offer this unique certification in international exams. This course is for people who have already completed a minimum 100-hour TEFL certification. In this course, you learn about international English exams including the TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, and others; the strategies to achieve high scores on these exams; and how to prepare ESL learners for success. Course modules include: Needs Assessment, Exam Structure, Exam Strategies, Application of Strategies, and Course Design.

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