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Tandem Conversation Program

A big part of our mission at Maximo Nivel is to create opportunities for intercultural exchange—for people to interact and learn from each other, both inside and outside the Maximo institutes.

Tandem Language Exchange

One of the major differences between Maximo Nivel and other learning centers is that we offer multiple programs ranging from Volunteer Abroad to TEFL Certification, as well as both Spanish and English language programs. Our multi-program, multi-language institutes constantly have people from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia studying and working with us in our international programs. And we also have local students from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru studying in our Native English Program. This creates a great melting pot and the Maximo institutes always have an upbeat, positive, international-meets-local vibe.

What is Tandem?

Maximo Nivel’s Tandem Conversation program is a free language and cultural exchange. We match up international Spanish learners and local English learners who want to meet new friends, develop their conversation skills, and increase their cultural understanding. This gives all of our program participants unequaled access to the most important resource for learning a language—native speakers! Conversations are open, informal, and natural—taking the pressure off and allowing you and your tandem partner to bond and help one another move forward in your Spanish and English acquisition.

The beauty of the Tandem Conversation Program is it can be whatever you want. Whether it’s conversation over coffee at the Maximo institutes or vocabulary sharing while walking through the local markets. You and your tandem partner can catch a soccer game, go hiking, check out local museums, have lunch together—anything you can think of that helps you and your partner better understand your respective native languages and cultures.

The time commitment for the Tandem Conversation Program is completely flexible. You can meet with your tandem partner anytime—1 hour per week or 10 hours per week. You can also have multiple tandem partners to help you get even more practice with different accents and manners of speaking.

Benefits of the Tandem Program include:

– Meet new friends
– Supplement your classroom instruction
– Learn more slang and idiomatic expressions
– Help your tandem partner learn English
– Improve your cross-cultural connections while in-country
– Serve as a cultural ambassador for your home country

The Tandem Conversation Program also helps solve the classic “chicken and egg” problem in language acquisition—you want to improve your conversation skills, but to do that you have to improve your conversations. Within the friendly helpful environment of the Tandem Program your conversation skills will definitely move to the next level!

How do I Sign Up?

  1. Take the free Spanish diagnostic exam to know your level (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
  2. Sign up in the Academic Office and meet your new tandem partner.