Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Remember studying a language in school only to completely forget everything you learned as soon as class was over? Not here! Our Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica pushes you to apply your studies both inside and outside of the classroom. At Maximo Nivel we provide you with an authentic immersion experience that you’ll never forget. Come join us in the land of Pura Vida for our Native Spanish Program.

Whether you choose our institute in San Jose or Manuel Antonio, you can rest assured that Maximo Nivel provides the same high quality instruction. All courses are led by certified native Spanish-speaking teachers. In the classroom, you experience an authentic cultural immersion, as learners and teachers utilize Spanish conversation, context, and visuals to ensure understanding of vocabulary and grammar. Through a structured curriculum that emphasizes speaking, you naturally acquire the language as you’re pushed to learn through practice.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Spanish has a unique style, accent, and vocabulary. Studying Spanish in Costa Rica means you become familiar with the common terms, and formalities of Tico talk. You quickly learn that “mae” replaces “dude” or “bro”, “vos” replaces “tu” and “pura vida” can replace just about anything. The more formal “usted” is commonly used amongst all ages in Costa Rica, whereas in most other Latin American countries, “usted” is only used when speaking to an elder or in a formal setting. Those who have taken Spanish courses in the past may not be familiar with the common use of “usted” and “vos”, but don’t worry–our immersion program has you speaking like a Tico in no time.

The Costa Rican people are accustomed to international visitors and are always happy to welcome you into their country. Typically speaking, ticos are respectable, fashion forward people more interested in spending time with family and friends than wild nights out on the town. However, you won’t have a problem finding the younger generation mingling at the local bars and clubs. Ticos are friendly and open, and love giving directions to just about anywhere. Come get lost in the streets, and not in translation, as you learn Spanish in Costa Rica!

Our Spanish School in San Jose, Costa Rica

The Maximo Nivel institute is located in San Pedro–the university district of San Jose. The neighborhood offers a great student vibe and is surrounded by restaurants, gyms, and malls, as well as great nightlife with live music and dancing. The institute is only a short 10-minute bus ride from downtown San Jose, which offers all the amenities of a large capital city, including museums, parks, markets, plazas, and theaters, as well as plenty of shopping.

Our institute has very nice indoor and outdoor study areas and serves as a meeting place for our international clients studying Spanish, as well as local students studying English. It’s a great home base to get to know other people, plan activities and practice language skills. With 15 classrooms, a computer lab, and an open air snack bar, you receive the education you’re seeking with facilities to ensure your comfort. The institute is available for you to use 7 days/week, including holidays.

Our Spanish School in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The Maximo Nivel institute in Manuel Antonio lets you study amidst the natural beauty of the rainforest and white sand beaches that only Costa Rica can offer! After class, you can escape to the beach which is just minutes away via bus or on foot. And just down the road, is the quaint town of Quepos with lots of shops and local restaurants, a large marina, and an open air market on the weekends.

Our institute is a single story building with 13 open-air classrooms and 2 enclosed air-conditioned classrooms. In true pura vida fashion, our terrace overlooks the pristine waters of the Pacific coast. The common area has a beachy-breezy feel, and includes both indoor and outdoor spaces, a snack bar, and a computer lab. The institute is open 7 days/week including holidays.

Beyond the Classroom

Both the San Jose and Manuel Antonio institutes offer free coffee and tea to get you through your day and salsa classes to prepare you for your nights. We also offer our unique tandem conversation program where you’re paired with a local, Costa Rican student to practice your Spanish while they practice their English. Once per week, you can participate in cooking classes where one of our “Mama Ticas” shows you how to prepare traditional recipes using local ingredients. These extracurricular lessons are conducted entirely in Spanish, which helps you to acquire more language skills in less formal settings. At Maximo, you have lots of opportunities to make friends from all over the world with whom you can practice your new skills–be it Spanish, cooking, or your new salsa moves!

Activities for Spanish Students at Maximo Costa Rica

Spanish Classes in Costa Rica

From small group classes ranging from 2-8 people to private classes tailored to your specific needs, Maximo Nivel provides quality immersion programs lead by certified, native Spanish instructors. If you’re looking for a super intensive program, a combination class can also be granted to students of all levels; Basic to Advanced. Paired with a traditional family stay, you can be sure to quickly move up the learning ladder.

Benefits of Small Group Classes: 
– Small group classes are designed to facilitate interaction among all learners in the group
– Groups help provide a “safety net” and take the pressure off—everyone’s in it together
– Other learners may ask questions that you’ve not thought of—bringing more clarity to each lesson
– There’s a great social aspect in group classes—it’s easy to make friends and find study partners

Benefits of Private Classes:
– Move through material at your own pace
– Focus on material that is especially relevant to YOU
– 100% personalized feedback and uninterrupted attention from your teacher
– Personal learning style forms the basis for every lesson
– Private classes are very flexible in terms of organizing your time in-country

Benefits of Combo Small Group & Private Classes:
– Receive a super intensive program
– Get the added bonus of one-on-one attention to focus on areas specific to you
– Maintain structured group classes while remaining flexible with your private classes
– Advance your Spanish level more quickly

Spanish for Special Purposes
Spanish for Special Purposes (SSP) includes courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business. Our SSP teachers are some of our most experienced instructors and have additional expertise in Business and Healthcare. SSP programs are intended for medical students, traveling doctors and nurses, and business people who need specialized Spanish for their careers. SSP Classes are best taught in a 2-hour per day format.

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COSI – Costa Rica Spanish Institute

COSI Costa Rica Spanish InstituteSince 1994, COSI—the Costa Rica Spanish Institute—has provided the leading Spanish language immersion programs in Costa Rica. For more than 20 years, the COSI Spanish programs have offered the unique opportunity to study Spanish abroad in the bustling University District of San Jose and in the tranquil seaside town of Manuel Antonio overlooking the Pacific coast.

In 2013, COSI merged with Maximo Nivel and since then the two organizations have coordinated their Spanish abroad programs using the same in-country teams and facilities. The joint COSI-Maximo Nivel programs have allowed the 2 organizations to align goals, provide better client service, and improve academic tracking, while maintaining their unique brand names and websites. It’s been an excellent partnership over the last 4 years, with Maximo Nivel bringing its very successful volunteer abroad and international internship programs to COSI students. This has significantly extended the Spanish abroad program to include community service and international work experience—directly contributing to the personal, academic, and professional goals of our international students.

As of June 2017, the COSI-Maximo Nivel team has agreed to move our merger another step forward. The co-branding COSI-Maximo Nivel as well as the 2 separate websites, will now be unified soley under the Maximo Nivel name. Our San Jose and Manuel Antonio institutes will continue to proudly display both the COSI and Maximo Nivel logos in and around their facilities.

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