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Guatemala is the least expensive place in the world to learn Spanish. This beautiful country still has a developing economy and the cost of living and services like Spanish classes are cheap! Maximo Nivel combines the great affordability of Guatemala with a high quality, professional language institute. Your Spanish immersion program stays true to the small, local appeal of studying in an historic town like Antigua, while Maximo Nivel brings the organization, client service, and accredited Spanish curriculum to make sure your program is nothing short of excellent.

All courses are led by certified native Spanish-speaking teachers. In the classroom, learners and teachers utilize Spanish conversation, context, and visuals to ensure understanding of vocabulary and grammar. By emphasizing speaking, you naturally acquire the language as you are pushed to learn through practice.

The city of Antigua is a special place where you find colonial Spanish ruins mixed with traditional Mayan customs all surrounded by cobblestone streets. Right out of Spanish class, you immediately get to use what you learn as you roam the markets, visit Central Park, and shop for beautifully hand-woven textiles.

For students from Germany, Maximo Nivel is Bilidungsurlaub approved. Very few Spanish schools can claim this prestigious German government recognition.


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Maximo Nivel offers a variety of extracurricular activities that expand your Spanish language skills. Salsa classes create a fun environment to learn Latin dancing, and our tandem conversation program pairs you with a local English student, so you can practice your Spanish as they practice their English. In addition, cooking classes are conducted in Spanish by a local chef who shows you how to prepare traditional Guatemalan dishes. At the Maximo institute, it is always easy to make friends from all over the world. Together, you can tour the Museum of Colonial Art, Chocolate Museum, hike volcanoes, and explore coffee plantations. No matter what you do, you are sure to expand your Spanish language skills living and studying abroad in Antigua, Guatemala. And do not forget to help yourself to the  free coffee and tea to get through it all!

Great Ideas Outside of Class

– Discover the hidden Mayan city of Tikal
– Hike the amazing Pacaya Volcano and roast marshmallows on hot lava
– Visit Lake Atitlan and its magical little villages
– Swim in the immaculate turquoise pools of Semuc Champey
– Fly over the forest on an amazing zipline
– Learn to ride the waves at surf school
…and much more with the Adventure & Culture programs

Maximo Nivel’s Tandem Conversation program is a free, optional language and cultural exchange. As an international Spanish student you are matched up with a local student who is studying English at Maximo Nivel. Conversations are open, informal, and natural—taking the pressure off and allowing you and your tandem partner to bond and help one another move forward in your Spanish and English acquisition. This is a great way to meet new friends, develop your conversation skills, and increase your cultural understanding. The Tandem Program gives all participants unequaled access to the most important resource for learning a language—native speakers! 

Small Group Classes (2HRS/DAY)
1 Week$55
2 Weeks$110
3 Weeks$165
4 Weeks$195
Extra Week$45
Small Group Classes (4HRS/DAY)
1 Week$110
2 Weeks$220
3 Weeks$330
4 Weeks$390
Extra Week$90
Super Intensive (4HR Group + 2HR Private)
1 Week$180
2 Weeks$360
3 Weeks$540
4 Weeks$650
Extra Week$160
Private Classes (1-3 HRS)
1 Week$11/hour
2 Weeks$11/hour
3 Weeks$11/hour
4 Weeks$9.75/hour
Extra Week$9/hour
Private Classes (4 HRS)
1 Week$180
2 Weeks$360
3 Weeks$540
4 Weeks$650
Extra Week$160

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Why I Maximo Nivel

I loved Antigua. This city is perfect to live in. its small and big at the same time. I believe that MAXIMO NIVEL is a really good school as well. The location is in the center and the people are very nice. They really help you and they really want you to improve your Spanish. I made more progress than i expected. I liked this trip since it is holiday and school at the same time.

Melle R.



The Maximo Nivel school in campus in Guatemala is a peaceful home base in the world famous city of Antigua. The learning center is located in a beautifully restored colonial building, surrounded by cobblestone streets. The town of Antigua is most famous for its well-preserved architecture and colonial ruins–so much so the entire city has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations. At Maximo Nivel you learn Spanish right in the heart of it all!

The Maximo Nivel school has 22 classrooms, a lovely central garden, and a fountain so you never feel confined to a boring, traditional classroom. The rooftop terrace is the best place to study and has magnificent views of Volcan de Agua and provides the perfect break from your intensive Spanish course. The Maximo institute is open 7 days/week including holidays with free coffee and tea at the snack bar and 2 computer labs.

Our professional native Spanish speaking teachers create an excellent learning environment and ensure that your Spanish immersion program is a completely authentic experience. The Spanish language curriculum utilizes the communicative methodology where vocabulary and speaking are built through eliciting, practice, and activation allowing you to develop your language skills naturally.

Maximo Nivel Spanish School in Antigua, Guatemala
Guatemala Spanish



Unique to Guatemalan Spanish is the use of all three pronouns “tu,” “vos,” and “usted,” depending on the region of Guatemala you are visiting. “Usted” is almost exclusively used for formal conversations; “tu” and “vos” are interchangeable depending on who you are speaking with and almost always used in casual conversations among peers.

The Guatemalan accent is similar to that of a Mexican accent, but most Spanish speakers agree Guatemalans speak more slowly, and therefore it is easier to understand and learn. In addition, there are some Spanish vocabulary words exclusive to Guatemala, including “chavo (a)” which means “guy or girl” and “que chilero!” which means “cool.”

Another reason Guatemala is such a great place to study is the large presence of indigenous cultures–40% of the population! Guatemalans are wonderful people who are hard-working, strong-willed, and family-oriented. Find yourself in a time warp between modern Spanish and ancient Mayan cultures as you study abroad in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala.




From small group classes ranging from 2-8 people to private classes tailored to your specific needs, Maximo Nivel provides quality immersion programs lead by certified, native Spanish instructors. If you are looking for a university Spanish course or super intensive program, all levels and various subject areas are available, from basic to advanced topics. Pair your Spanish program along with accommodations in a host family, and you can be sure to quickly move up the learning ladder.

Small Group Classes
– Small group classes are designed to facilitate interaction among all learners in the group
– Groups help provide a “safety net” and take the pressure off—everyone’s in it together
– Other learners may ask questions that you have not thought of—bringing more clarity to each lesson
– There is a great social aspect in group classes—easy to make friends and find study partners

Private Classes
– Move through material at your own pace
– Focus on material that is especially relevant to YOU
– 100% personalized feedback and uninterrupted attention from your teacher
– Your personal learning style forms the basis for every lesson
– Private classes are very flexible in terms of organizing your time in-country

Super Intensive Program
– Combine daily small-group and private Spanish classes (6 hours/day)
– Get the added bonus of one-on-one attention to focus on areas specific to you
– Maintain structured group classes while remaining flexible with your private classes
– Advance your Spanish level more quickly

University Courses
Maximo Nivel offers a wide variety of university Spanish courses ranging from 100 to 400 level courses. These programs may be grouped or 1-on-1 private lessons. University courses are 60-80 hours and require 3-4 weeks to complete in order to earn academic credit.

Spanish for Special Purposes
Spanish for Special Purposes (SSP) includes courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business. SSP teachers are some of our most experienced instructors and have additional expertise in Business and Healthcare. SSP programs are intended for medical students, traveling doctors and nurses, and business people who need specialized Spanish for their careers. SSP Classes are best taught in a 2-hour per day format.

Guatemala Spanish Immersion Options
Spanish Immersion Video

Maximo Nivel’s Spanish Immersion programs provide an authentic immersion experience that takes you beyond the classroom—it is the most intensive and professional Spanish program available in Latin America. Schedule a call with a program advisor today!


Maximo Nivel is very unique compared to any regular Spanish school. Our institutes include international travelers who are taking part in Spanish, Volunteer, Internship, TEFL, and University programs. As well, there are lots of local Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Peruvian students who study in the Native English Program. This means there is always an awesome international-meets-local vibe—making Maximo Nivel come alive with language, culture, and adventure!

  • Spanish classes from only $55 per week
  • Choose from small group, private classes, or a combination of both
  • Professionally-certified, native Spanish-speaking teachers
  • Spanish programs available from 1-52 weeks
  • New Spanish courses begin every Monday
  • Friendly and open facilities
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Academic credit available



Maximo Nivel is one of the few Spanish schools in the world to offer academic credit for its programs. Most credit-bearing courses can be completed in 3-4 weeks. Our School of Record issues official transcripts and academic credit for your program. Get the credit you earn!

Spanish Courses Abroad with Academic Credit

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