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University Courses Abroad

Maximo Nivel offers university programs in Fall Semester, Winter Term, Spring Semester, and Summer Term. University students can study part-time or fulltime and convenient, flexible courses enable students to earn credit without sacrificing other commitments. Some programs may even qualify to use financial aid.

University Courses Abroad

Service Learning | 3-12 credits |

Maximo Nivel’s Service Learning courses are available year-round on an open enrollment basis, and new courses begin every Monday. You can enroll via our SPAN 203SL (Service Learning) course or do an independent study. Service learning specializations include:

– Animal Care
– Construction
– Environment & Conservation
– Medical & Healthcare
– Teaching English
– Working with Kids

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Internships | 3-12 credits |

Maximo Nivel’s International Internships are available on an open enrollment basis. You can begin your internship any Monday throughout the year. University students can specialize in the following areas:

– Education
– Hospitality & Tourism
– Human Rights
– Medical
– Micro-Business
– Special Education

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Spanish Studies | 3-12 credits |

Maximo Nivel’s university Spanish courses are available year-round on an open enrollment basis and new courses begin every Monday.

– SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I
– SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II
– SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I
– SPAN 250: Intermediate Spanish II
– SPAN 301: Composition & Conversation I
– SPAN 302: Composition & Conversation II
– SPAN 305: Latin American Civilization
– SPAN 425: Topics in Latino Culture
– SPAN 450: Advanced Spanish Grammar & Composition

*Other Spanish courses are available on request and specialized private instruction is offered.

Medical Studies | 3-6 credits |

Courses in health and medicine are offered only during the summer term. These courses are based in Lima, Peru.
Community Medicine & Service Learning
Multidisciplinary Research on Medicinal Plants in Peru
Global Health, Public Health, and Medical Spanish

Conservation & Science | 3-6 credits |

Courses in conservation and science are offered only during the summer term. These courses are based in Lima, Peru.
Ecology & Conservation of Marine Mammals of the Humboldt Upwelling Ecosystem
Biology Conservation Techniques of Parrots and Macaws in the Peruvian Amazon
Natural History of the Peruvian Tropical Coastal Marine System

Interdisciplinary Studies | 3-6 credits |

Interdisciplinary courses are offered year round, both on a full-semester basis as well as during J-term and summer term. These courses are available in both Costa Rica and Peru.
– International Development in Latin America
– Business in Latin America

*Specific courses vary from term to term, so please inquire >

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