Spanish Courses in Latin America

Maximo Nivel has a variety of programs tailored to your specific Spanish learning requirements. Not only do we offer small group classes to learners of all levels, but we can customize your instruction with private 1-on-1 lessons, as well as Spanish for Specific Purposes (SSP) such as Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business.

Spanish Courses in Latin America

Small Group Classes

We keep our group classes small, ranging in size from 2 – 8 people, though most groups average only 3 – 6 people. Small group classes provide a great balance between personalized attention and social interaction and engagement.

At Maximo Nivel, our small group classes start every Monday year round and take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. Group classes are offered at all levels, Basic through Advanced. Groups are formed based on your results on our free Spanish Placement Exam.

Benefits of Small Group Classes:

– Small group classes are designed to facilitate interaction among all learners in the group.
– Groups help provide a “safety net” and take the pressure off—everyone’s in it together.
– Other learners may ask questions that you’ve not thought of—bringing more clarity to each lesson.
– There’s a great social aspect in group classes—it’s easy to make friends and find study partners.
– Small group classes are less expensive.

Private Classes

Private classes are specially tailored to your specific needs and interests. This is the most intensive and fastest method for learning Spanish. Following a placement exam to determine your level, we discuss your learning preferences and goals in order to design your exact program. Private classes are recommended for people that have specific goals (e.g. DELE Exam preparation, conversation only, more/less grammar, etc.).
At Maximo Nivel, our private classes range from 1 – 8 hours per day, and programs can start any day of the week. Private classes are available for all levels, Basic through Advanced. Upper-level university courses in subjects such as literature, history, and culture are also available.

Benefits of Private Classes:

– You learn at your own pace.
– You generally move through material more quickly.
– The focus is on material that is especially relevant to YOU.
– 100% personalized feedback and uninterrupted attention from your teacher.
– Your personal learning style forms the basis for every lesson.
– Private classes are very flexible in terms of organizing your time in-country.

Super Intensive Courses

Maximo Nivel’s Super Intensive Spanish program puts you in class 6 hours per day—4 hours in small group classes and 2 hours in private lessons. This program works best when coupled with a traditional family-stay in order to maximize your Spanish immersion experience. Super Intensive study is recommended for people who want to quickly move up the learning ladder and/or who want to break a learning plateau. Super Intensive programs are also excellent for university students and business professionals who want maximum gains in the least amount of time. All levels, Basic through Advanced, are available in our Super Intensive format.

Spanish for Special Purposes

Spanish for Special Purposes (SSP) includes courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish for Business. Our SSP teachers are some of our most experienced instructors and have additional expertise in Business and Healthcare. SSP programs are intended for medical students, traveling doctors and nurses, and business people who need specialized Spanish for their careers. SSP Classes are best taught in a 2-hour per day format.

Beyond the Classroom

Not ready to take it easy just yet, right? Outside of class, Maximo Nivel provides lots of opportunities for you to use your rapidly-improving Spanish. Join our Volunteer Abroad or International Internship programs and put your Spanish to work “out in the field.” Partner-up with a local English learner in our Tandem Conversation Program. If you’re looking to stay awhile and would like to pursue professional opportunities abroad, take our TEFL Certification course and teach and travel your way around the world! You can also study from home, before you join us or after you leave, using our Online Spanish classes.

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