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“The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.” —Kelly Slater

Get involved in something completely new—remember the TRAVEL in work-study-travel and enjoy some fun in the sun with Maximo Nivel’s Surf School programs. Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru are world class surfing destinations and now you can get a taste of this fantastic sport! We offer week-long surf schools—professionally run and supervised with all equipment provided—on 3 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Surf School in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surf School

Manuel Antonio is known for being the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica and it’s the perfect destination for surfers who are just starting out. The beach life in Manuel Antonio is the essence of the Costa Rica’s ‘pura vida’ approach to life… and now surfing. Kick back, relax, catch some waves and some rays, and just enjoy life. Maximo Nivel’s 5-day surf school in Costa Rica includes:

– Bilingual, certified instructor
– Surf equipment rental
– Transportation to/from surf sites
– 2-3 hours per day of private instruction
– Lounge chairs and refreshments

Surf School in Guatemala

Guatemala Surf School

Our Guatemala surf school is, in fact, located in El Salvador. The Maximo team picks you up at the Guatemala City airport, and takes you just over the border to El Zonte, El Salvador. This area is home to many local surfers. The village of El Zonte offers a relaxing atmosphere and when you’re not learning to ride the waves, you can enjoy hanging out by the hotel pool, kicking back in a hammock, and taking in the ocean view. Maximo Nivel’s 7-day surf school in Guatemala includes:

– Bilingual, certified instructor
– Surfing equipment rental
– 9 hours of one-on-one surf instruction
– 4 nights hotel accommodation
– 13 meals at hotel restaurant in El Zonte, El Salvador
– 3 nights shared room in host family stay in Antigua, Guatemala
– 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner) at host family stay
– Transportation to/from El Salvador and Guatemala

Surf School Peru

Peru Surf School

In Peru, spend a week on the beautiful Beach Peñascal soaking up the sun and learning to ride waves with a staff of experienced surfers in Peru. One of the top surfing beaches near Lima, the area boasts excellent weather all year round and offers varying surf breaks to suit surfers of all abilities from beginner to advanced. Maximo Nivel’s 6-day surf school in Peru includes:

– Bilingual, certified instructor
– Surf equipment rental
– 4 hours per day of group instruction
– Groups classes of 3-4 students
– Transportation between surf school and surfing sites

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