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Why TEFL Should be on Every Traveler’s Bucket List

Ever wonder how your school friend from the 4th grade can afford to travel for an entire year, while all you were able to do was catch a flight to Florida for 3 days? Ever get tired of feeling like there’s so much more out there you’re eager to explore and learn? With a TEFL certificate you get endless opportunities for adventure, education, and cultural immersion, and once you get it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Here’s why a TEFL certificate needs to be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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Gain a Global Perspective

Having a TEFL certificate means that you are qualified to teach English–the global business language. Now more than ever, people from all backgrounds are looking to develop their English skills so they can further advance in their professional and academic endeavors. But learning English takes time, and therefore, English teachers are contracted anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Spending an extensive amount of time abroad ensures complete immersion in the culture as you take your time meeting the people, trying the food, listening to the music, learning the dances, and exploring the language. With a slower approach to learning about a foreign country comes a greater appreciation for its place in the world.

Teaching in another country also provides greater insight into that society, its stance on education, and how it functions in relation to the community, business, and the government. It may be, perhaps, that working in the education system in another country is the best way to truly experience it.

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It goes without saying that teaching English develops your communication and leadership skills, while giving a boost to your professional qualifications. Acquiring your native language takes very little effort, and you’re likely to speak grammatically correct, so long as those you were raised around speak grammatically correct. But taking a TEFL course requires you to learn the rules behind the language so you can avoid the pitfalls of the tricky English language.

Once with a class of your own, you realize that you must plan accordingly, manage the class, and foster an engaging learning environment for your students. Surely, the students depend on you, as an instructor, to lead and present the lessons on a daily basis putting your leadership skills to the test as you continue to develop them overtime.

Communication and leadership are two of the top qualities employers seek in prospective candidates. Add these skills to a TEFL certificate credential and you’ll be sure to land a position teaching English anywhere in the world you wish to visit!

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Travel with an Income

Ask anyone you know why they don’t travel continuously and I bet your first English teacher paycheck everyone has the same answer, “I can’t afford it”.

That excuse doesn’t apply to English teachers. Having the qualifications to teach English opens your passport to hundreds of countries ready to welcome your English skills to their land. Worried about having to pay student loans on a teacher’s salary? Don’t be. Countries like Korea and China pay an average of $2,000 per month, and most include benefits such as a living stipend, and paid flights to and from your hometown. Some teachers manage to pay their debts faster with a teaching gig abroad than they could have with a salary in the U.S.

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Make a Difference

English teachers provide a highly sought service as students are eager to advance their language skills for professional, academic, and personal reasons. Some students help their families to expand their businesses to reach new markets, others need English courses to apply for competitive Universities, while others are more interested expanding the number of being they’re able to communicate with.

Students are usually motivated to learn the English language, but need the extra push to advance their skills to the next level. Though motivation begins from within, the teacher’s outside influence encourages the students to continue and helps them to unlock their full potential.

The advantages of teaching English abroad are too great to not consider. If you want to see the world, change the world, and have it change you, enroll for a TEFL course and begin the journey of a lifetime.