From an academic standpoint, the medical field is scientific, mathematical, relatively straightforward. However, when you walk through the doors of a doctor’s office, everything becomes more personal. You are handling the health of another human being, and this is often a very emotional process for patients and loved ones alike. Serving in the medical field is a constant reminder of both the beauty and the fragility of our lives.

Healthcare is an essential part of life; therefore, medicine is not constrained by borders. However, it can be affected by cultural practices and financial resources. This is why I think it is important for healthcare workers to have an understanding of the medical field that is sensitive to viewpoints from all over the globe. In some circumstances, cross-cultural awareness is just as important as medical knowledge for giving patients the treatment and compassionate communication that they deserve.

Because I want to be able to serve all people effectively, I decided to intern in a medical environment outside of my home country. As a newly licensed nurse, I would be gaining objectively useful skills for my trade, as well as widening my worldview with every patient I saw. My desire to become a more global citizen and healthcare professional is what led me to Maximo Nivel. When I read that they offer med-health internships in Central and South America, I already had one foot out the door. The rest was just logistics.