Clearly, COVID-19 has generated an important focus on public health . It is important to follow official announcements and to help make sure misinformation and rumors are not spread. While the risks should not be dismissed, they should not be exaggerated either.

Maximo Nivel is a locally-based organization in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. As such, we are optimally situated to monitor the COVID-19 environment in each country. Our institutes serve as an important home-base for all students, faculty, clients, and other program participants. Please consider the Maximo Nivel institutes your centers for health and safety information. You can always use free WiFi, computer lab, enjoy free coffee and tea, and get ongoing updates about COVID-19 in English, Spanish and other languages spoken by our teams. In the case of any mandated quarantine, our local teams are here to help and offer all kinds of assistance and to remain in contact with participants and their families.