English speaking travelers usually have no problem getting around in foreign country. It seems like no matter where in the world you go, someone speaks English. English has been established as the global business language and it’s quickly becoming the language of tourism, too. People from every part of the world are realizing the advantages that come with being able to speak English, so the demand for English teachers is skyrocketing along with it.

Getting TEFL certified is a surefire way to jump-start a career teaching English. There are many options to obtain your TEFL certificate depending on your budget, availability, and learning style. If you’re a fluent English speaker looking to travel extensively through your dream destination while earning an income, a TEFL certificate might be right for you.

How to get Certified to Teach English Abroad

Online TEFL Courses

The ability to obtain your TEFL certificate online is becoming an increasingly popular option. The flexibility and convenience of taking the course at your own pace can be an advantage to someone who is simultaneously working on various projects, or planning a huge trip abroad. Another advantage is the discounted cost of online courses and the ability to get a feel for the curriculum before completely dedicating yourself to the course.

Of course, to every pro there’s a con. Online courses are great for someone interested in teaching English online, however, for those wanting to teach in a classroom, it can be difficult to adjust. Not all online course provide hands-on practical teaching which allows you to hone your classroom techniques with a certified trainer and real English students. The classroom experience also makes you a more marketable candidate should you want to pursue that route.

For new teachers, the hands-on experience provided by an on-site TEFL course will certainly be beneficial. Practical teaching allows you to make all the mistakes in a learning environment before going out into the real world. However, if you’re already accustomed to teaching in a classroom setting and are solely looking to add another subject to your resume, the online courses can be the perfect option.

Online TEFL Certification

Onsite TEFL Courses

On-site courses are typically preferred by those who don’t want to waste any time getting their adventure started. No matter where in the world you choose to travel, you can probably find a suitable TEFL course. And if you know that you might want to extend your stay for the duration of a teaching contract, even better. Getting your TEFL certificate at our campuses in Latin America allows you to become accustomed to the culture while establishing yourself as an expat. On-site courses are also beneficial in getting the hands-on experience of teaching real English students in a classroom setting. Being in-country gives you the advantage of submitting your resume in-person with real teaching experience – that shoots you to the top of the applicant pile.

Although enrolling in an on-site course can be the most adventurous option, it’s also the biggest commitment. An on-site course is typically 4-weeks long, so getting home sick after week 2 isn’t really an option. It’s also a bit more costly due to the extra resources you’ll be using while on-site. Adjusting to a new culture and navigating your new city all while completing grammar papers, and prepping for practical teaching week can become a bit hectic.

Keeping all this in mind, how does it sound to walk the epicenter of the largest empire in South America? Or do you prefer watching the sunset at the beach as the monkeys settle into the jungle for the night? How about waking up to Guatemalan coffee in Guatemala?! If you’re considering a TEFL so that you can travel, get started with an on-site course and never look back.

Onsite TEFL Certification

Hybrid TEFL Programs

The final option is a combination of online and on-site courses – Goldilocks’ dream TEFL program. For the first part of your program, you’ll have the flexibility of an online course, followed by an on-site portion which give you the opportunity to practice your teaching skills in the classroom. This can be the perfect mesh for someone who wants to ease into an on-site program or who may need extra time getting in-country.

As mentioned above, getting the classroom practice is essential to becoming a confident teacher, and makes you a more marketable candidate for a job. However, finding the right dual program can be difficult. Luckily, Maximo Nivel has exactly what you need. Whether you’re better suited for an online course, on-site, or a combination, check out the options and get started on a career teaching English abroad.

Hybrid TEFL Certification