Meet Rachel G. a recent graduate of our online TEFL certification program. Rachel started her online course while living in France and completed it after moving to one of our favorite countries, Peru. We caught up with Rachel to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to complete the TEFL course online, and what she’s up to now as a certified TEFL instructor.



What encouraged you to want to complete your TEFL certification online?  

I am fond of both cultures and languages and wanted to take advantage of this personal project. Being TEFL certified doesn’t only enrich my personal and career development, but also allows me to promote cultures and other ways of thinking as I travel. Before becoming certified, I was planning to relocate to Latin America and working as an ESL Teacher appeared to be the best plan for me to achieve my aims.

Do you think a TEFL certificate should be required to teach English? 

Absolutely. I don’t think that English, like any other language, should be taught without specific training, precise knowledge of grammar and language functions. Whether you are a native speaker or not, being able to speak a language is thoroughly different from teaching it. And the process of language acquisition depends a lot on the quality of the provided teaching.

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How did you decide the online TEFL program was the right fit for you? 

I was living in France, and I wanted to get started with the program before moving abroad. After careful research, I decided Maximo Nivel’s program was a top choice, however, there is no branch of the institution in France nor in Europe. So, the only way to go through the program was the online option.

Of course, I never considered it at the time, but the pandemic we’re experiencing currently is really bringing online learning to the forefront of education. It’s always been a convenient and cost-effective option, but now it seems to be the only option world leaders are encouraging.

What did you find most challenging about the online TEFL course?

Well, another benefit of the online course is the fact that I didn’t have to drop my life to attend classes Monday- Friday. While I completed my TEFL course, I maintained a very full-time position. Having the flexibility to do so was nice, but it was super challenging! Having to balance and maintain my current life, while being a student of the online course required a big dose of self-discipline.

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What do you wish you would’ve known before taking this TEFL course? 

I wish I would’ve thought more about learning and teaching theories regarding how the brain works and behaves during the learning process. I know that understanding brain chemistry would help me to better adjust my way of teaching so that it sticks.

I also yearned to discover more ways to teach a language without using the student’s native language at all, which is a huge factor in how teaching English is taught at Maximo Nivel. So that’s something I now have a way better understanding of and can incorporate as an ESL teacher.

Did you complete the program with the intent to teach English abroad?

Yes. I am now in Peru and I have already contacted several Language Centres. I have just been contracted in Cusco to be an English coach and Cultural advisor.

Of course, things are changing every day now, but the security in teaching English is that there are several online platforms for English instructors to utilize, so I feel pretty secure in my ability to make an income, even if I have to work from home.

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Do you think you will teach English long-term?

Yes, I do consider teaching English as a long-term career. I think that being an ESL teacher provides the opportunity to focus and develop your ability to teach this one language, yet it opens the door to be able to teach so many people from different backgrounds and countries, whether that’s in-person or online.