Education thrives on diversity. In the classroom, students, and teachers from all walks of life come together to learn from and alongside each other. The entire field of education constantly navigates varied learning needs, values, and social and cultural backgrounds. So, as teachers, shouldn’t we widen our scope of experience as much as possible?

I am about to embark on what I hope is a long career in education. But before locking myself into a school district, I really wanted to learn from an entirely new environment. By teaching in another country, I would not only gain more instructional experience; I would encounter different perspectives and challenges.

I was interested in strengthening my transferable skills, and not just for the resume line. I figured that an international internship would teach me what a textbook never could. How to adapt to new situations. How to read and respond to different types of learners. How to communicate effectively across cultures. And, in the end, how to expect the unexpected.