Teach English in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the least expensive countries in Latin America; it’s also one of the coolest and most beautiful.

Guatemala’s tourism industry is constantly expanding and with this rapid increase, Guatemalans understand that doing business requires the ability to interact with English speakers. Indeed, an English teacher in Guatemala can really make a difference in a student’s life by helping them to achieve their professional and academic goals.

The need for English teachers is growing and there are always opportunities available in Antigua, Guatemala City, and Xela. Private institutes hire year-round, whereas K-12 schools, following the Latin American school year, tend to hire between January and February. TEFL graduates find opportunities working with all age groups in both private institutes and public school settings. Local students are eager to learn, yet easy going, making Guatemala a great choice for a first time English teacher!

The low cost of living in Guatemala–where food, housing, transportation, and even travel are all cheap–means that an English teacher can enjoy a good life, even on a modest salary.

The Maximo Nivel TEFL certification course in Antigua, Guatemala exceeds all global TEFL standards and that is why we guarantee lifetime job placement assistance upon successful completion of the program. During your TEFL course in Guatemala, our instructor provides a full workshop on resume-building, job search, and various teaching opportunities all over the world.

TEFL Certification in Guatemala

Teaching at the Maximo Nivel English Institute in Guatemala

Maximo Nivel’s English language program at our institute in Antigua has approximately 750 enrolled English students. With such a successful ESL program, Maximo Nivel hires 2-3 TEFL graduates every month. We provide our teachers with the full ESL curriculum, syllabi, materials, quizzes, and exams. Teachers work 2-3 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the evening. This split schedule gives teachers a well-deserved break during the day to enjoy the historic streets of Antigua, grab lunch at a small cafe, or hit the gym. You work Monday-Friday, leaving your weekends free to explore.

Other Teaching Opportunities in Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala City, and Xela are three great cities booming with English teaching positions. Opportunities are available in private institutes and TEFL graduates with the proper credentials, who are willing to commit to a minimum of 1 year, can obtain positions in K-12 schools. Most English teachers work 20-35 hours per week, although total hours and curriculum standards are different from employer to employer.

Teaching English in Guatemala
EducationBachelor’s Degree is preferred
CertificationTEFL Certification is strongly preferred
Hiring SeasonK-12 Schools: Jan-Feb
Private Institutes: Year-round
Hours/WeekK-12 Schools: 30-35
Private Institutes: 20-30
CommitmentK-12 Schools: 1 year
Private Institutes: 3-6 months
LearnersBusiness and tourism professionals, university students, kids and teens
Cost of Living$350-$450/month
Average Pay$450-$550/month
Visas:Tourist Visa
Independent Contractor Status
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