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Online TEFL Certification

Can I really learn to teach English at a professional level, by taking a self-paced, online course? At Maximo Nivel… now you can!

This is not your ordinary online TEFL program. Other online TEFL courses simply concentrate on ESL theory; they’re automated online courses—known as one-way learning because you miss the class interaction and the practical teaching component that regular TEFL courses offer. However, with Maximo Nivel’s online TEFL course, not only do you get the theory, but you get to discuss it and ask questions with your TEFL Trainer through 15 hours of included Skype tutoring. Most importantly, you teach 6 one-hour lessons with a live English student online!

Maximo’s Online TEFL Certification Program is a thorough introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). During the online course, you become familiar with the principles of successful ESL teaching. The online program includes independent reading, in-book tasks, lesson plans, and focused written assignments. You turn in your work on Word or PDF files that you email to your TEFL Trainer. Your Trainer provides written and verbal feedback via email, Skype, and phone.

TEFL Course Online

Practical Teaching

It is important to note that the Maximo Nivel online TEFL includes a practical teaching module—making it distinct from all other online programs. Your practical teaching is done via Skype with a non-native learner; and your TEFL Trainer observes and critiques your lessons. Feedback is critical to improving your teaching and increasing your self-awareness as an ESL professional. Note, the Skype platform presents many of its own challenges including being animated while on camera, learning how to use e-books and PDFs, and how to work with an electronic whiteboard.

This practical component is the most important aspect of Maximo’s online TEFL. We work hard to make sure our trainees have a meaningful practicum experience. Be patient with yourself and make sure you carefully prepare each lesson.

The Value of an Online Certification

Online TEFL courses are more affordable and flexible than standard TEFL courses. In addition to saving you money, online courses give you a great deal of independence and flexibility. You can earn your TEFL certificate from the comfort of your home or your favorite coffee shop. Online courses are perfect for working professionals or full-time students who are unable to commit to a 4-week, on-site course. You also get excellent exposure to working with online learning platforms and teaching through the “cloud.” An online TEFL course is a simple and easy way to start your teaching adventure abroad, because you can “dip your toes” and determine if a full-time TEFL course and teaching in a foreign country is really what you’re looking for.

An online TEFL certification may be perfect for you…

– Is course price a significant hurdle for you?
– Do you enjoy reading and working independently?
– Can you easily stay focused?
– Are you still unsure of exactly when you want to teach abroad?
– Are you most interested in working and teaching from home?
– Are you looking for flexibility in location and learning schedule?

Online Course Overview

1. Approaches to Learning & Teaching
2. Critical ESL Techniques
3. Class Management
4. Lesson Planning
5. English Grammar Review 1
6. English Grammar Review 2
7. Teaching Grammar
8. Teaching Vocabulary
9. Teaching English with Games
10. Teaching Speaking & Writing
11. Teaching Listening & Reading

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