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Earn Medical Education Credits in Peru

Community Medicine Service Learning

START DATE: June 29th, 2015
DURATION: 4 weeks

This program allows students interested or involved with health care the opportunity to engaging in hands-on field work in community medicine while experiencing cultural immersion and acquiring the Spanish language. Students will be able to combine Medical Spanish classes while working alongside UPCH’s physicians in clinics and health centers in low-income areas. Good healthcare quality depends on effective communication. Students will receive 3 hours per week of theoretical classes on community medicine and 15 hours per week of Medical Spanish while working alongside health professionals 20 hours per week. Since there will be a big number of Spanish-speaking patients during the course, students must have an acceptable command of Spanish (B2 level Spanish language requisite) to be able to communicate, understand, answer and ask for information.


Global Health, Public Health, and Medical Spanish

START DATE: June 22nd, 2015
DURATION: 4 weeks

This program is directed at university students and professionals who seek an intensive academic and hands-on experience looking at public health in Peru through real-life situations. To understand the role of healthcare as well as barriers and opportunities in vulnerable communities, students will participate in multidisciplinary coursework, field visits, research, and efforts to improve health in an indigenous community. Coursework includes lectures, group discussions, hands-on workshops, readings, and case studies on topics including the Peruvian health care system, ethics in global health, child health and survival, and social business models for health. The course also includes Spanish language classes focusing on medical terminology. Upon completion the course, students will be able to describe Peru’s health system, evaluate and analyze problems in a vulnerable community using various tools, and collaborate in multidisciplinary and multinational teams to develop a research project and intervention.


Multidisciplinary Research on Medicinal Plants in Peru

START DATE: August 3rd, 2015
DURATION: 3 weeks

The course covers the botanical and ethnobotanical study of plants, the chemical study of medicinal plants, the study of biological activity in medicinal plants, and the research and development of medicinal plant compounds. Through both theory and practice sessions, students develop skills in multidisciplinary research on medicinal plants and pharmacology as well as acquire knowledge for the evaluation of biological and toxic activities in plants (in in vitro and in vivo models). Fieldwork takes place in the Peruvian highlands (Huaraz) and tropical rainforest (Iquitos). Lab work involve studying the main chromatographic techniques currently used in the isolation of active substances and the characterization of their chemical structures.

Multidisciplinary Research on Medicinal Plants in Peru

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