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The medical profession is no longer just about treating patients, it is about treating patients that speak multiple languages, across various cultures, with global diseases, in a limited resource environment. Maximo Nivel’s Med Health programs provide students with the opportunity to get experience with medicine and healthcare in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Studying healthcare abroad gives students a close-up view of medicine and healthcare in the developing world. Our programs are ideal for nursing, medical, pre-med, and physical therapy students, as well as students studying Public Health.

Internships give students the chance to learn by working side-by-side with local healthcare professionals at hospitals and clinics. You take part in clinical rotations, assist or shadow doctors, nurses, or therapists. Activities vary based on the needs of each medical facility, and as an intern you get involved with obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, HIV treatment, and even tropical medicine.

In service learning programs, you work as an integral part of rural medical campaigns, vaccination programs, and help with general patient care.


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Maximo Nivel takes your academic success very seriously. We evaluate each student’s motivation for the program and academic history. This helps to ensure a productive and successful cohort experience.

– At least 18 years of age
– Enrolled in Nursing, Medical, Pre-med, or related
– Basic to Advanced Spanish language skills
– Hard working, passionate, creative, and resourceful
– Minimum GPA 2.50

Fields of Study

– Health Sciences
– Medicine
– Nursing
– Physical Therapy
– Pre-med
– Public Health

Summer Term I 20201 June – 3 July
Summer Term II 20206 July – 7 August
Fall Semester 20207 September – 11 December
Fall Quarter I 20207 September – 23 October
Fall Quarter II 202026 October – 11 December
Winter Term 2020 – 202114 December – 15 January

Winter Term
3 WeeksContact UsContact UsContact Us

San Jose,
Costa Rica
Fall Semester
14 Weeks
Fall Quarter
7 Weeks
Spring Semester
14 Weeks
Spring Quarter
7 Weeks
Summer Term I
4-5 Weeks
Summer Term II
4-5 Weeks
Country Jumper
14 Weeks

*Prices above are representative only. Final tuition costs vary based on itinerary, housing preferences, tours, and transportation.


Why I Maximo Nivel

I absolutely loved being with Maximo Nivel, the staff is welcoming and cares about you. You feel the support. My house family was charming and really welcoming. We felt a lot of support and love from them. As a student studying health science and learning of diseases and patterns of those diseases, I found it quite interesting to see the effects and reality that people have to live with by being affected. It was very emotionally moving and I will never forget all the beautiful souls inside that residence. Pura Vida Costa Rica ! I will most definitely see you again.

Claudya B.



Though most Latin American countries have nationalized healthcare, geographic challenges in rural areas and government red tape make patient access difficult. Hospitals and clinics often lack funding and resources and yet the quality of medical care they deliver is impressive!

Med Health interns get exposure to medical practices in the developing world and leave with a better understanding of patient care and foreign healthcare systems. During the internship, you gain practical medical experience, increase your knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish, and improve your ability to communicate with Spanish speaking patients. Overall, Med Health students build their professional foundation to become more globally-minded medical practitioners.

Medical placements are at public and private hospitals, local clinics, assisted living facilities, and private practices. As an intern, you are partnered with medical professionals and provide daily assistance and support. Your work may include triage, patient consultations, checkups, making rounds, elderly care, health education, materials management, and keeping patient records. Med Health students may also have the opportunity to take part in medical campaigns in rural communities and vaccination programs. Dental and physical therapy placements are available on a limited basis.

Intermediate Spanish is required to be effective in a medical internship placement.

International Internships for Medical & Health Majors
Service Learning for Medical & Health Majors



In Latin America, hospitals and clinics for low income families often lack funding and staff, making it difficult to keep the most vulnerable populations healthy. By serving in a medical placement, service learning students make a difference in the lives of hospital professionals and their patients. As a service learning student, you may also take part in week-long medical campaigns, vaccination programs, and learn about healthcare systems in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

During your service learning placement, you gain practical medical experience, increase your knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish, and
improve your ability to communicate with Spanish speaking patients. Note, the level of work service learning students are able to participate in depends on their education, experience, and Spanish language skills.



GPH 301 focuses on the public health systems in Latin America. Students develop an understanding of the accessibility, quality, and cost issues around these systems, as well as the sociocultural, economic, and political factors impacting these public systems. The course brings students on at least 2 visits to both public and private healthcare centers and at least 2 health professionals join the lectures as guest speakers.

SOC 301 aims to develop students’ knowledge of social justice issues in Latin America. The course focuses on indigenous rights, women’s empowerment, LGBTQ rights, as well as environmental issues, in the scope of Latin America’s economy, culture, history, religion, and politics. Students select a specific area of social justice and a specific country of focus for their final project. Through completion of the final project, students analyze social justice, development, and sustainability alongside both supportive and conflicting societal variables and interests.
Spanish 101 is a first-level language course designed for students who have not previously studied Spanish or those with a low-basic level. The course creates a foundation in grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills, with additional exercises in reading, writing, and listening while exploring Latin American culture. Course methodology is based on the communicative approach, emphasizing conversation in Spanish.

Spanish 370: Medical Spanish is designed to expand the student’s vocabulary and proficiency in Spanish for healthcare. The course focuses on building medical vocabulary and developing speaking, writing, and presentation skills in Spanish within the context of healthcare. This includes study and research on various healthcare topics, role-play scenarios, significant vocabulary acquisition, and, when possible, guest speakers and visits to local clinics or hospitals.
SPA 201 – Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 301 – Spanish Composition I
SPA 302 – Spanish Composition II
SPA 350 – Latin American Literature
SPA 360 – Latin American Civilization & Culture
SPA 361 – Modern Day Latin America
SPA 371 – Business Spanish
SPA 380 – Intercultural Communication
SPA 420 – Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPA 480 – Advanced Spanish Conversation
University Courses for Med-Health Majors
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