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Hospitality and tourism is a truly global industry and despite geopolitical challenges the sector is thriving. People all over the world are outbound—seeking to experience foreign lands and everything they have to offer. Modern travelers seek not only the best deals, but the best experiences! Maximo Nivel’s institutes in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru are situated right in the middle of 3 of the world’s top travel destinations, which means we are very familiar with the hospitality and travel sectors in Latin America, and students learn by being a part of it.

Internships offer students excellent opportunities to learn about international hospitality, travel, and tourism. You gain experience in professional areas such as Marketing, Sales & Client Service, and Operations, while getting involved with guest service, marketing, accounting, event planning, and gastronomy.

Customized programs include visits to both small and large hotels, restaurants, and top tourism sites. These educational tours are the perfect way to learn about successful hospitality companies in Latin America. You learn how leaders in hotel management, food service, and travel operations run their organizations—providing excellent insight into how the best international hospitality businesses are managed.


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Maximo Nivel takes your academic success very seriously. We evaluate each student’s motivation for the program and academic history. This helps to ensure a productive and successful cohort experience.

– At least 18 years of age
– Enrolled in hospitality, tourism, or related
– Basic to Intermediate Spanish language skills
– Hard working, passionate, creative, and resourceful
– Minimum GPA 2.50

Fields of Study

– Culinary Arts
– Event Planning
– Hospitality Management
– Hotel Management
– Travel & Tourism

Fall Semester 20207 September – 11 December
Fall Quarter I 20207 September – 23 October
Fall Quarter II 202026 October – 11 December
Winter Term 2020 – 202114 December – 15 January
Spring Semester 202125 January – 30 April

Winter Term
3 WeeksContact UsContact UsContact Us

San Jose,
Costa Rica
Fall Semester
14 Weeks
Fall Quarter
7 Weeks
Spring Semester
14 Weeks
Spring Quarter
7 Weeks
Summer Term I
4-5 Weeks
Summer Term II
4-5 Weeks
Country Jumper
14 Weeks

*Prices above are representative only. Final tuition costs vary based on itinerary, housing preferences, tours, and transportation.


Why I Maximo Nivel

I spent 3 months in Quepos and met so many people from places I could not imagine! Throughout my time i experienced so many of this lovely country. Being this close to the beach was super sweet. I lived with 11 different people throughout my three months. I recommend these experiences to anyone looking to go learn and see new things. This experience changed the person I am today into someone more accepting to new things and cultures. I am a more diverse and am more open to doing things that sound crazy or uncomfortable. I completely stepped out of the American comfort zone and had a blast in a different environment.

Jordan J.



With strong, developing economies and amazing natural resources and geography, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru are exciting places to be part of the travel industry. Considering Latin America’s travel and tourism sector makes a direct contribution of nearly $150 billion to the region’s GDP every year, the importance of these exciting businesses cannot be underestimated. However, hospitality and tourism companies need marketing knowledge and help in reaching out to international customers—especially small companies struggling to compete in a global marketplace.

Internship placements are available for university students interested in gaining practical experience in hospitality, travel, tourism, and food service. As an itern, you get exposure to daily business practices and become more globally-minded in your perspective. You also increase your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and improve your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking guests. This, in turn, builds your marketability through skills and increased confidence to pursue international careers.

Internship placements are with small local companies—boutique hotels, traveler’s hostels, restaurants, tourism operators, and travel agencies—where you work with business owners and local professionals to help them improve their companies and expand their capacity to market to and serve international clients. Internships can be customized, but usually focus on specific areas such as Marketing, Sales & Client Service, or Operations. Your daily responsibilities vary as you learn to wear multiple hats in small, but busy enterprises.

International Internships for Hospitality and Tourism Majors
University Courses for Hospitality and Tourism Majors


BUS 301 focuses on micro, small, and medium enterprises in the private sector across Latin America. The course uses a mix of case studies and traditional lectures with a focus on company formation, innovation, social and legal environments, and business planning. The class makes several visits to local companies and at least two company founders join the lectures as guest speakers.

Students in BUS 305 work to understand, analyze, and discuss the foundations of successful marketing in Latin America. The course explores the historical, economic, cultural, and social issues that are unique to marketing in Latin America. The course emphasizes the analysis of market potential, consumer patterns, and the marketing opportunities and challenges specific to the region.

Spanish 101 is a first-level language course designed for students who have not previously studied Spanish or those with a low-basic level. The course creates a foundation in grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills, with additional exercises in reading, writing, and listening while exploring Latin American culture. Course methodology is based on the communicative approach, emphasizing conversation in Spanish.
Spanish 371: Business Spanish is designed to expand the student’s vocabulary and proficiency in Spanish for business. The course focuses on building business vocabulary and developing speaking, writing, and presentation skills in Spanish within the business context. The course also examines topics on business protocol and etiquette in Latin America and Spain.

SPA 102 – Elementary Spanish II
SPA 201 – Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 202 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 301 – Spanish Composition I
SPA 302 – Spanish Composition II
SPA 350 – Latin American Literature
SPA 360 – Latin American Civilization & Culture
SPA 361 – Modern Day Latin America
SPA 370 – Medical Spanish
SPA 380 – Intercultural Communication
SPA 420 – Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPA 480 – Advanced Spanish Conversation


Maximo Nivel organizes customized programs for faculty-led groups and student organizations who want a short-term educational experience in Costa
Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. These programs are usually 1 to 4 weeks long and consist of 3 main components:

I. Spanish Language
– SPA 101, 102, 201, 202 or higher level
– SPA 371: Business Spanish
– Guided Reflection Workshops
II. Company Visits & Presentations
– 2 to 3 visits to local restaurants
– 2 to 3 visits to boutique hotels and chain hotels
– 1 to 3 presentations by industry professionals
III. Educational Travel
– Archaeological sites
– Museums and cultural tours
– Traditional communities

Customized Study Abroad for Hospitality and Tourism Majors
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Academic credit is available for Maximo Nivel’s Study Abroad programs. Our programs can fulfill major, minor, or elective requirements. Our School of Record issues official transcripts and academic credit for your program. Get the credit you earn!


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