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Medical Internships

The medical profession is no longer just about treating patients, it’s about treating patients in multiple languages, across cultures, with global illnesses, in a limited resource environment.

Medical interns get a great deal of exposure to medical practices in the developing world and leave with a better understanding of patient care and foreign healthcare systems. During the internship, you gain practical medical experience, increase your knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish, and improve your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. You build the professional foundation to become a globally-minded medical practitioner.

Medical placements are at hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and private practices. Interns are partnered with local medical professionals and provide daily assistance with their work. Through your internship, you will learn valuable new skills in diagnosis, intervention, and evaluation. Work may include triage, patient consultations, check-ups, making rounds, elderly care, health education, materials management, and patient records. The level of work depends on education, experience, and Spanish language skills. Note that dental and physical therapy placements are available on a limited basis.

Intermediate Spanish is required to be effective in a medical internship placement. If your Spanish language skills are not at this level, we offer online Spanish classes and our Native Spanish Program to bring your skills up to the appropriate level.

We encourage you to be flexible, positive, and ready to pitch-in! Be open to constructive feedback about your performance.

Medical Internships Abroad

CountriesCosta Rica, Guatemala, Peru
Program DurationMinimum 4 weeks
Work Schedule4-6 hours/day, Monday-Friday
Intern Requirements– At least 18 years of age
– Pre-med, medical, and nursing program students; alternatively licensed medical professionals
– Proof of medical education, training, certifications, and licenses
– Final project required
– Able to be creative with limited resources
– Hard working, ready to do anything!
– Intermediate Spanish language skills are required

What our Interns are saying…

“I did the medical internship in Cusco, Peru through Maximo Nivel and it was, without trying to sound cheesy/cliche, life-changing and unbelievably rewarding. I loved my placement and got to experience the medical needs of a culture/community completely different from my own. Cusco has such a beautiful, distinct history, and I feel like I was able to immerse myself and experience life there on multiple levels. I could not have asked for more as far as housing – my host mom became like an actual mother to me and even now, months after returning, we still keep in touch. My Spanish tutor was phenomenal, the director of the medical internship was enthusiastic to share his experiences and discuss any topic I liked, and the classes at Maximo Nivel (salsa, cooking, etc.) allowed me to make lasting friendships with people from throughout the world. The team at Maximo Nivel was attentive and thorough, and they were always there to help me with anything I needed and provide me with support. I cannot thank everyone from Maximo Nivel enough for playing an integral role in an experience which has helped me to grow and realize my passion. If you are considering this program, I highly urge you to give it a shot – you will never regret it.”
Louis, Medical Intern (Peru)

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