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International Internships

Careers are more global in scope and content than ever before. You need to develop a whole new set of professional skills to ensure your success and to set yourself apart. Get practical work experience, develop Spanish language skills, and build your international network.

Maximo Nivel’s international internship programs are available in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Your internship program is personalized from the beginning, and we work hard to match you with the very best placement.

International Internship Options Include:

Special Education
Micro Business
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Rights

4-Week Practicum

– 6-8 hours daily of practical work, Monday through Friday
– One hour of private Spanish lessons, Monday through Friday
– Final Project: 1-Hour PowerPoint presentation or 10-20 page written paper
– Any additional requirements from your university

8-Week Internship (or longer)

– 6-8 hours daily of practical work, Monday through Friday
– One hour of private Spanish lessons, Monday through Friday
– Compiled weekly journals (1-2 page reflections)
– Final Project: 1-Hour PowerPoint presentation and 10-20 page written paper
– Any additional requirements from your university

International Internship Advisor

As part of the internship program, you have a qualified Maximo Nivel advisor who meets with you for designated meetings and whenever needed. Your advisor kicks things off with a get-to-know you meeting to help get you set up and explain the program, then follows up with a mid-program meeting, and again at the end of your program to review university requirements (if any) and your final project.

Final Project Outline

– Overview of the organization you worked with and your role
– Organizational review
– Sector analysis in host or home country
– Analysis of obstacles incurred during internship
– Outcomes/results of the internship
– Recommendations for the future

International Internship vs. Volunteer Abroad

Unlike many other study abroad organizations, Maximo Nivel’s international internships are NOT interchangeable with volunteering abroad. Internships are designed to give you professional work experience, build your Spanish language proficiency, and expand your career network. On the other hand, Volunteering abroad is about community service, and projects are focused on helping in-need and under-funded programs and people. Both internship and volunteer programs are important, but each program focuses on different outcomes. At Maximo, internship placements are distinct and are organized separately from volunteer programs.

Education Internship Abroad

Education Internship

Expand your knowledge in the classroom and become a great teacher! Work alongside a K-12 classroom teacher in an international setting, teach classes, plan lessons, learn about the international classroom and grow as a professional educator.

Special Education Internship

Special Education Internship

Special needs include students with visual impairments, hearing impairments, physical impairments and developmental disabilities. Interns conduct lessons, do needs assessments, and practice teaching techniques and strategies.

Intern in Micro Business

Micro Business Internship

Work with local entrepreneurs and small business owners to help improve their companies. This is an excellent opportunity to grow as a global business professional. Depending on your internship, work may be focused on Marketing, Sales and Client Service, or Accounting.

Hospitality & Tourism Internship

Hospitality & Tourism Internship

Tourism is increasing all over the world and Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru are top international destinations. Learn about the exciting travel business sector by being a part of it! Travel and tourism interns gain valuable experience in client service, sales, and marketing.

Medical Internship Abroad

Medical Internship

Great internships for pre-med, medical, and nursing program students, as well as licensed professionals looking to expand their knowledge. Work in a developing country and open your eyes to a whole new world of medicine! Dental and physical therapy placements are also available on a limited basis.

Human Rights Internship

Human Rights Internship

Work with community organizations, NGOs, and other change agents to do outreach, education, and research. Help make positive change happen through community development. Learn firsthand about social justice and human empowerment.

Customized International Internships

Customized Internships

Maximo Nivel has built strong relationships with local partner organizations since 2003. Our community connections mean we can help you explore your specific internship goals and interests in a unique way. Please contact us to inquire about a customized internship experience.


International Internships Fees

Our International Internship Program is available in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Why do an internship with Maximo Nivel?

Be a global citizen who is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow!

Employers are looking for people with international experience. Living and working internationally shows you have a more global perspective. It shows you are flexible and able to adapt to unexpected situations. You demonstrate that you can effectively deal cross-culturally and work with people from all backgrounds. Employers know you’re ready to accept challenges and take initiative.

– Get practical, professional experience
– Develop Spanish language skills and cross-cultural expertise
– Get your foot in the door towards full-time employment
– Build an international network of professional contacts
– Stand out in the eyes of future employers
– Determine future studies and career direction


Maximo Nivel’s international internship programs are designed to provide an entire program including your internship placement, accommodations, meals, private Spanish classes, and a Maximo Nivel Advisor to help you throughout your internship.

Internship programs can start any Monday throughout the year and can be as short as four weeks or as long as you want! This way, you are sure to get the best experience when your schedule allows, whether just a short summer program or an entire semester-long placement. Application is easy – simply call us, send us an e-mail or register here.

Maximo Nivel’s internship programs are some of the most affordable work abroad programs available anywhere in the world. Check out our program prices and start planning!

University Credit for International Internships

You can earn university credit for your internship experience at Maximo Nivel. Through our official School of Record, you can receive university credit toward your major, minor or elective requirements. Read more about university credit >

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