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Maximo Nivel has a long history of partnering with universities. We have years of experience in combining real academics with experiential learning and community service. Students who return to campus after a Maximo Nivel program are well-educated and more connected to the world—that’s our goal! We are dedicated to responsible educational travel and this is incorporated into every program.

We make it easy for faculty and study abroad administrators:
– Low program fees
– Strong academics
– Great planning and pre-arrival support
– Excellent in-country service and facilities
– Commitment to safety and risk management

Maximo Nivel is nothing like the average study abroad provider. Our campuses are true intercultural centers, always humming with a cool, local-meets-international vibe. We offer a range of programs for both international students and local students in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. This means there’s always a constant mix of both international and local people—everyone looking to learn languages, make new friends, learn about other cultures, and create impact in their own lives and in others.